Nebraska Top F&B Packaging Machine Supplier Offers High-Speed HFFS Models

Feb 8, 2024

Pack & Inspect Group offers Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal (HFFS) machines from industry leader Effytec for products in sachets and pouches.

Out of all the problems in the HFFS process that F&B packaging companies face, those involving package or product changeover time and adjustments may be the costliest in terms of production efficiency. If this is the current bugbear at your company, then Pack & Inspect Group has just what you need – HFFS machines specially designed with faster format change capabilities for companies with a wide range of pouch sizes and formats.

These beauties are the brainchild of industry leader Effytec; you can check them out here:

An Easily Adjustable, Multi-Faceted Solution

These HFFS systems can process a wide range of products in sachets and pouches - from pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemicals to food products and other materials - at some of the highest speeds in the industry. You can easily adjust each of the 14 machines to handle many different kinds of sachets and pouches, according to the specific product you need to package. Effytec’s HHFS models can handle two dozen types of packages. This allows for more flexible packaging, which will in turn lower the costs of packaging material, make stocking easier, and lower transport and logistics costs.

Greater Output at Reduced Costs

The new HFFS machines offer you the benefits of improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness, versatility, and sustainability. Their production speeds range from 50 cycles per minute, as exhibited by the GP-40 and GP-32 Intermittent Motion models, to a range of 180 to 200 cycles per minute, as exhibited by the GPC-60 Continuous Motion model. These high production speeds will boost the efficiency of your packaging process and lower your production costs.

Pack & Inspect Group’s HFFS machines’ 14 coordinated parts work together seamlessly to automate the entire package forming, filling, and sealing process. This automation reduces the need for manual labor on your packaging line, thus reducing your costs and the possibility of human error.

A Sustainable Solution

The machines have also been built with environmental sustainability in mind, meaning their efficiency will minimize your plant's energy consumption, and their design will optimize your material usage, reducing waste. They can process large pouches, which are capable of long-term preservation of products, even after they’re opened, as well as single-serve packages that prevent product waste.

About Pack & Inspect Group

Pack & Inspect Group serves Northern Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska, providing the expertise companies need to choose the best technologies for their unique needs.

“Your product needs to be safely and efficiently conveyed and inspected for contents verification, absence of foreign material, and package and labeling integrity,” a representative explained. “At the Pack & Inspect Group, we represent the best in breed of major manufacturers in this arena, providing local expertise in the Upper Midwest to assist you in selection and implementation of solutions.”

So Many Benefits...

Higher production speeds, lower production costs, greater packaging versatility and flexibility, improved sustainability, lower energy consumption, reduced product waste... all these benefits and more could be yours when you choose Pack & Inspect Group's HFFS machines from Effytec.

Ready to drive up your production speeds while saving on your production costs? Learn more at

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