Nebraska Manufacturers Can Get The Latest METTLER TOLEDO X-Ray Systems Here

Aug 2, 2023

When you compete in the crowded food products sector, you need assurances there are no foreign materials in your products and packaging is sealed. This is why Nebraska companies rely on the X-ray inspection systems at Pack & Inspect Group (855-232-1850).

Just about everyone has heard at least one horror story where a friend of a friend found a mouse at the bottom of their bottle of wine or someone else bit down hard on an errant stone in their cookie and lost three teeth.

These situations not only cause deeply unsettling harm and trauma to the individuals that experienced them, but they can also devastate a company's reputation and lead to enormous revenue losses.

Identifying and removing foreign materials from consumer products is vital. This is where Pack & Inspect Group comes in.

The advanced X-ray product inspection systems at Pack & Inspect Group are highly precise, sensitive, and use the latest technologies for the performances you need, the level of compliance regulatory bodies require, and the assurances consumers who want to keep their teeth, demand.

Foreign materials that can make their way into products come in all shapes, sizes and elements, including metal, stones, insects, and yes, even mice.

Pack & Inspect Group in Nebraska are specialists in advanced product inspection solutions that fulfill today's broad range of safety and quality assurance requirements. In 2022, the company introduced its cutting-edge line of dual-energy X-ray systems, offering you maximum detection sensitivity, minimized false rejects, and a more user-friendly technical operation.

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X-ray inspection is cool, there's no doubt about it. Even as we've become accustomed to its capacity to provide non-destructive product imaging, we still can't help but be amazed sometimes that now, we can see into things.

X-ray technology for products helps you identify potential physical defects, foreign materials, and food contaminants in sealed products before they reach the consumer and your reputation takes the hit.

With help from the dual-energy X-ray systems from Pack & Inspect Group, you benefit from enhanced detection of softer contaminants - rubber and plastics, for example - and a broader range of applications.

“With over 100 years of combined experience in the food and beverage packaging industries, Pack & Inspect Group represents the premier brands for product inspection, packaging, and product handling,” says a company spokesperson. “The recent introduction of our dual-energy X-ray models is backed by METTLER TOLEDO resources, their national network of field service technicians, the iPac support paradigm, and the brand’s five-year X-ray generator warranty.”

One of the most incredible advancements in X-ray product inspection is the X36, a highly configurable X-ray system and one of Pack & Inspect Group's 2022 additions.

Ideal for companies that require maximum performance and capability under demanding applications, the model offers system widths ranging from the narrowest requirement to 32 inches and can exceed speeds of 320 feet per minute. With X-ray generators up to 420W and multi-lane operation (with standard and custom multi-lane reject available), the X36 is said to provide unrivaled versatility.

Bookending the X36 series is the new X34 series with METTLER TOLEDO optimum power generator, enhanced sensitivities, and touch screen technologies, and the X37 series, made for taller and more rigid product containers and recognized as the global benchmark for side-view inspections of rigid and semi-rigid containers.

With a comprehensive line of product inspection systems that include X-ray machines, metal detectors, checkweighers, vision systems, track & trace, and leak detection, Pack & Inspect Group offers you the safety and quality assurances you need.

Their superior Safeline X-ray models ensure you satisfy regulatory body demands while meeting consumer expectations.

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