Nebraska Dual-Energy X-Ray Inspection Machines Offer Soft Contaminant Detection

Dec 7, 2023

Looking for high-speed, state-of-the-art X-ray detection capabilities to boost your Nebraska food processing plant’s productivity, product integrity, and overall quality control? With Pack & Inspect Group’s (855-232-1850) new series of X-ray inspection machines, you can do all that and more.

The speed and accuracy of your plant’s X-ray inspection systems can make a world of difference to many factors that are crucial to your business success, like:

  • your total output,
  • product integrity,
  • operating analytics and insights, and
  • safety and quality regulation compliance, to name just a few.

Plus, imagine where your business could be if your product X-ray inspection process could operate at the rate of 1,000 containers per minute or more!

Skyrocket Your Productivity With Pack & Inspect Group

The Pack & Inspect Group can take you there with the X34, X36, and X37 dual-energy X-ray inspection systems from METTLER TOLEDO Safeline. This manufacturer is a global market leader in X-ray technology in the food and beverage processing, packaging, and pharmaceutical industries.

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Capture Contaminants Like Never Before

Thanks to these systems' innovative dual-energy X-ray capacities, your plant will be better able to detect softer contaminants in your products (like rubber, plastic, rocks, and stones), even in difficult applications.

METTLER TOLEDO Safeline’s dual-energy X-ray inspection systems have superior material discrimination capacities compared to traditional, single-energy systems. With these capacities, you'll significantly reduce the chance that good products will be falsely rejected and you'll improve your overall inspection accuracy.

Besides enhanced detection of soft contaminants, these systems can identify both metallic and non-metallic contaminants as well, providing you with more comprehensive foreign material detection and greater quality assurance.

All three of METTLER TOLEDO Safeline’s X-ray inspection series offer you the full range of detection capabilities for contaminants such as metal, glass, rocks, stones, calcified bone, and dense rubber and plastic. In particular, the X34 and X36 series also conduct simultaneous inspection checks for product quality and integrity, covering mass measurement, object checking, and closure.

Achieve Top Processing Speeds

The X37 series, which is capable of processing taller, more rigid containers at the highest speeds, provides the global standard for side-view inspection of this container type. It can achieve speeds beyond 1,000 containers per minute, and the X3750 model’s split-beam configuration provides improved detection of thin-profile contaminants.

About Pack & Inspect Group

Pack & Inspect Group brings over 100 combined years of industry experience to represent premier Midwest brands for packaging, inspection, and product handling. Their expert representatives assist clients throughout Northern Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska to choose the right technologies and products for their business needs and goals.

A company spokesperson affirmed: “At Pack & Inspect Group, we represent the best in breed of major manufacturers in product conveyance, contents verification, foreign material inspection, and package and labeling integrity. We provide local expertise in the Upper Midwest to assist you in selection and implementation of solutions.”

And here's even more good news...

When you go with Pack & Inspect Group's X-ray inspection systems from METTLER TOLEDO Safeline, you can enjoy the protection of METTLER TOLEDO's national network of field service technicians, their iPac support paradigm, and a 5-year X-ray generator warranty.

You can also combine your Safeline X-ray system with Safeline metal detectors or with METTLER TOLEDO's checkweigher and vision system products.

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