Near-Death Stories From A Critical Care Nurse: Order New Faith-Based Book

Mar 11, 2024

Raul Meza witnessed miracles as a critical care nurse. Now, he’s published ‘Injection of Faith: Amazing Real Life Stories From The Intensive Care Unit,’ an uplifting book with 21 true stories that answer the question — “What happens after I die?”

We all have fears about death. But, according to Raul Meza, a former critical care nurse, such fear is unnecessary. He has seen the power of faith and the afterlife WITH HIS OWN EYES! 

Let the miraculous, real-life accounts of near-death and life after death in Meza's new book, Injection of Faith: Amazing Real Life Stories From The Intensive Care Unit, inspire peace, joy, and faith in you.

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Message of Peace

Raul Meza has written this book to bring healing and peace to a world he sees as suffering from crisis on many levels — emotional, mental, financial, and physical health.

Just as Raul reassures his patients every day, his goal is to bring that same sense of peace to his readers, by telling you what he’s seen — there is a God, and there are angels!

“After years of working as a critical care nurse, I have come to a powerful realization; there is life after death and God still shows up today,” Raul said, explaining his motivation for writing the book. “And I'm not just talking about my own beliefs - I have witnessed it first-hand through the experiences of my patients.”

Life After Death

You can feel Raul’s earnestness in the stories he tells.

There is the old woman who passed away. A whole team of doctors and nurses worked to bring her back to life. When they did, she could describe to them every single thing that happened in her hospital room, every word they said — while she was medically dead.

There’s also the elderly man, on his deathbed. Raul was working, when the man gleefully whispered to him, “There are angels in the room.” Then, smiling peacefully, he folded his arms and peacefully passed away.

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About Author Raul Meza

While working for most of his career as a nurse in the intensive care unit, Raul Meza had a realization that changed his life, becoming convinced by his experiences with sick and dying patients that there is a loving God and life after death. He subsequently wrote the short 3 chapter paperback “The Supernatural I.C.U.: Amazing Stories and Lessons to Inspire Student Nurses and New Grads Alike”, which had a limited release and contained excerpts from his longer book.

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