Ne Video Translation App: Create Content In Numerous 30 Languages With AI

Feb 16, 2024

With Synthesys Video Translate by Todd Gross, the world is quite literally your oyster – or should we say audience? Using innovative AI technology, you can translate your videos into 30 languages!

AI-powered video translation is the next big frontier on YouTube because it opens up your content to a global audience – and is great for conversion. Part of the reason MrBeast is so successful is because he translates his videos, and now you can do it with a fraction of the effort thanks to Synthesys Video Translate by Todd Gross!

Check out to see how to translate your videos with authentic non-English audio!

Your customers want non-English content

According to a recent LinkedIn report, 72% of users prefer consuming content in their native language. Synthesys Video Translate allows you to reliably engage those customers by providing localized video content at scale, so you can expand your global reach and resonate with international audiences.

Tap into a huge global audience

The potential of the app is also backed by Summa Linguae Technologies, which reveals that 60% of all video views on YouTube originate from non-English speakers. But Todd Gross found that existing tools didn't provide the results he was hoping for. As such, his app Synthesys Video Translate uses AI-powered voice cloning to produce content in 30 different languages - as a result, the final videos look and sound realistic, helping to create meaningful connections with global viewers who prefer their mother tongue.

It's like you were born speaking the language

With optional embedded subtitles supporting even more languages, Synthesys Video Translate enables greater accessibility and reach for creators of all experience levels.

In addition, the software is equipped with a proprietary ‘no-wait’ processing feature that continues translating videos even after closing the browser, so you can work on other tasks while the app runs efficiently in the background.

Synthesys has established itself as a trusted brand in the AI video translation space and has been used by Coca-Cola, NVIDIA, and other well-known platforms to extend their audience and reach customers on a global scale with more engaging video advertisements.

A spokesperson states: “Do you want to see how you can use in-sync dubbing and voice cloning to break into new markets for your business? With true AI video translation, it’s like you were born speaking another language. Lock in your seat to find out more.”

This software could revolutionize content creation and marketing for years to come.

Don’t miss out! Head over to and secure your spot to find out more!

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