Navigate Import Obstacles & Bring Product To Asian Market With This Specialist For Supplier Acquisition

Jul 10, 2018

Asian Import Specialist has announced it has acquired Nancy Ning as Account Exec. She will handle customer acquisition and communication with factories for the import experts.

  • navigate import obstacles amp bring product to asian market with this specialist
  • navigate import obstacles amp bring product to asian market with this specialist
  • navigate import obstacles amp bring product to asian market with this specialist

Asian Import Specialist has announced a new hire in Account Exec Nancy Ning, who will handle all customer acquisitions as well as communication with factories. The company is known for its high quality service, and works with clients to successfully navigate the import maze and bring their cutting edge, premium and great products to the market.

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For any entrepreneurs who have come up with a great idea, and want to bring it to market in Asia, there are a number of things to consider. This is why working with a specialist team like the experts at Asian Import Specialist can help.

Navigating the import maze can be highly confusing at the best of times, and it takes away from what entrepreneurs do best: create ideas and products, and run their business.

Asian Import Specialist has more than 30 years helping clients to achieve success in bringing their products and services to the Asian market. It has offices throughout China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, and India.

This means anyone seeking expert guidance and help in how to bring products to the Asian market can get in touch for high quality guidance and service. Whether clients are looking for one prototype or want a large order, Asian Import Specialist can help.

The company states: “Our goal and commitment is to find accredited suppliers for all our clients projects. To establish a win win long term relationship where suppliers and clients are successful and profitable and working towards the same goal.”

Asian Import Specialist has over 30 years experience in the trenches, finding new suppliers for clients and helping them to grow their business. When working with the highly trained team, they will analyze the unique aspects of every project they deal with, and help the client to find the right supplier to suit their needs.

Quotes provided by Asian Import Specialist are to the unique cost requirements of each client, including product costs, tooling, engineering, and more.

Now, with Nancy Ning on board, the company can continue to provide excellent service and exceed client expectations.

Full details of the benefits of working with Asian Import Specialist can be found on the URL above.

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