Natural Immune Boosting Products Kill 99.99% Bacteria & Fungus & Proven Superior To Other Suppliers

Mar 19, 2017

Small Company Defies Convention Provides Highest Grade Natural Health & Beauty Products While Killing Bacteria & Fungus Naturally

  • natural immune boosting products kill 99 99 bacteria amp fungus amp proven super
  • natural immune boosting products kill 99 99 bacteria amp fungus amp proven super
  • natural immune boosting products kill 99 99 bacteria amp fungus amp proven super

Colloidal Care today reflected on its release of the popular Colloidal Silver Products for Skin, Body & Hair which has been available for 18 years. The main aim was always to give people an all natural solution, solving bacteria & fungus issues, without harsh drugs or side effects.... and by defying convention, this proven, tested & trusted 10 PPM Colloidal Silver did so, with an amazing difference.

Historical studies show Colloidal Silver is an effective and safe antibacterial, compared to today's the big Pharma's antibiotic protocols. It works because it penetrates the bacteria cell, envelopes the bacteria's enzyme, suffocates and kills it dead so it can't mutate.

Pharmaceuticals created antibacterial resistant SuperBugs, because the bacteria enzyme is not eliminated completely. The Director of the CDC, Tom Frieden, recently admits, the CDC has run out of alternatives to stop the mutating bacteria epidemic.

Watch the alarming warning here:

Mr J.E. Pickett, Head Of U.S. Marketing at Colloidal Care, says: "Mr Michael Clark (developer of products) saw a huge credibility problem in the Colloidal Silver industry. There was literally no proof of anyone's product eliminating bacteria & fungus. If the product is not 3rd party tested, it's not proven and without unbiased testing, the suppliers and buyers have no idea what quality is being offered."

Mr Michael Clark obtained certified proof by a 3rd party independent microbiological lab, which greatly set the bar far above everyone in this class. Colloidal Care is the authorized online distributor, due to Mr Clark's highest standards, and because the independent Microbiological Lab used official methods referencing United States Pharmacopoeia, AOAC and Microbiologics.

Watch the video here:

People are quickly waking up and they understand, eliminating sickness naturally, can only create a healthy lifestyle. Smart people trust an unbiased, independent & reliable source for high quality products, which spot lights the difference in other products without testing.

Mr J.E. Pickett also said "Besides the obvious super boost for the immune system, our products give customers a sense of empowerment, armed with knowledge to ask any supplier for certified test results prior to purchase. With our 10 PPM Colloidal Silver, customers have a tested, proven, trusted source."

Colloidal Care is the sole online distributor for Mr Clark's all natural 10 PPM Colloidal Silver products. Since Mr Clark started developing his products in 1999, customers across the United States enjoy the high quality, affordable, all natural solutions, to who insist on a healthiest lifestyle.

This isn't the first time Colloidal Care has defied convention either. Along with giving people the power to find & expose the untested/unproven colloidal silver suppliers, they caused quite a stir when when they introduced Mr Clark's line of all natural Body, Hair & Facial Soaps, plus the fast acting & deep penetrating Skin Rejuvenation Lotions.

Since they are all natural products, they naturally want to decompose. However, Mr Michael Clark developed an amazing proprietary method to infuse the products with the colloidal silver, guarantying them to never rot or turn rancid. This was another huge benefit to customers which competitors can't do.

Body, Hair, Facial Soaps & Skin Rejuvenation Lotions, are available for purchase at

For further information about Colloidal Care, their 20% Lifetime VIP Club, it can be discovered at

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