Nashville’s Best Moving Company Helps Families With Long-Distance Relocations

Nov 24, 2023

Is your family preparing for a long-distance move? Well, put your belongings in the safest hands possible by calling True Friends Moving Company (615-240-2811) in Nashville!

A long-distance move can be a lot for your family, so True Friends Moving Company wants to help ease some of that burden!

The Nashville moving company will help your family navigate the logistical and emotional challenges that come with long-distance relocations. The company does this by providing affordable and stress-free packing, loading, and unloading solutions.

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If your family is about to embark on a long-distance move, there are a few things that you need to consider. The actual transportation of your belongings is the primary concern, but other things, such as keeping your children fed, safe, and occupied during the packing and relocation process, need to be accounted for as well. True Friends Moving Company offers a hands-off solution, allowing you to focus on other tasks, while the experienced movers pack and transport your furniture and household items.

True Friends Moving Company will assist your family with the packing of belongings, helping wrap, label, and box items. They’ll also disconnect and disassemble any appliances and furniture to be moved, carefully loading them onto their state-of-the-art trucks using pads, mats, and other tools.

When loading the trucks, their experts strategically group things to allow for a more efficient unloading process. During unloading, they’ll deliver things to the rooms that you specify, and they’ll reconnect and reassemble any furniture and appliances that they transported.

To help make the move run smoother, True Friends Moving Company recommends your family do a few things beforehand. For example, you should make sure that anything potentially hazardous is either safely packed or disposed of. You should also make sure that you keep any important things, such as medications, passports, driver's licences, and social security cards handy in case you need them. The move-in requirements for your destination building should also be understood.

Another thing True Friends Moving Company suggests you get, particularly for long-distance moves, is adequate insurance. Though True Friends Moving Company does the utmost to deliver your items in the same condition they picked them up in, accidents can happen. Unfortunately, moving companies are only required to compensate you 60 cents per pound of damaged items, so getting extra moving insurance is advised.

“Long-distance moves are stressful, but at True Friends Moving Company we strive to make them less so,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Our moving crews go above and beyond to help you with a seamless relocation, offering competitive pricing and extra assistance that our competitors simply can’t match. Simply put—we go the extra mile.”

If your family needs help with its long-distance move, you can call True Friends Moving Company at the number in the description or fill out the request form on their website. One of their moving professionals will get in touch to discuss the details of your move and provide a no-obligation quote.

About True Friends Moving Company

True Friends Moving Company has been providing professional moving services to customers in Nashville and the surrounding areas since 2012. The company helps clients with residential, commercial, in-home, apartment, condo, senior living, and employee relocations.

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