Nashville Financial Advisor For 401(k) & Roth IRA Tax Optimization For Retirees

Mar 5, 2024

Getting tied up in knots over your taxes in retirement? Fear not! Nashville’s Goldstone Financial Group is here to help. Claim deductions and minimize your IRS payments by talking to the friendly team today! (630-620-9300)

Need some tax planning expertise for your retirement? Make sure there are no nasty surprises that you haven't budgeted for by talking to an experienced financial advisor.

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Inflation-Proof Strategies

You've probably been watching with alarm as inflation has whittled away at your retirement pot over the last year or two. Goldstone offers you a complete wealth management plan covering investments, tax minimization, and estate planning, so you can rest easy knowing you've prepared for all eventualities. With its proprietary 'Financial GPS' approach, the firm provides you with a roadmap to maximize your lifelong income and eliminate unwanted surprises from the IRS when withdrawing savings.

Your Best Interests

Goldstone implements a multi-faceted strategy to reduce your tax liabilities, no matter what income bracket you're in. With each state implementing different tax regulations and concessions for seniors, the firm's agents ensure that you're not overpaying and are claiming all of your entitled deductions. Goldstone agents are all certified fiduciary advisors, legally bound to advise in your best interests at all times.

Tax Can Be Taxing!

Retirement income commonly comes from a variety of sources – social security, investments, pensions, and retirement accounts. With each of these taxed differently, it can be hard to plan your liabilities and budget accordingly. Goldstone's expertise in tax planning simplifies this process for you.

Tax Breaks & Incentives

In Tennessee, you're not liable for tax on earned income and you may also be eligible for deductions on your Federal tax bill if you're over 65. The firm brings expertise in securing further reductions with deductibles like medical expenses, charitable donations, and mortgage interest.

401(k) & IRA Advice

If you're still working, the team offers guidance on the most suitable types of retirement accounts. From 401(k) plans which are only taxed upon withdrawal to Roth IRA options which are taxed at source, Goldstone helps you make smarter decisions to maximize income and can advise on things like required minimum distributions (RMDs).

A spokesperson says, “As you approach retirement, it’s important to plan for how you will manage your income and taxes to ensure you have enough to support your lifestyle while minimizing your tax bill.”

Keep on top of your retirement taxes with Goldstone Financial Group!

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