Nashville CEO Succession Planning Experts Help Retain Profitability, Reputation

Jul 19, 2023

You may not realize just how critical succession planning is to the success of your business until your leadership encounters generational clashes. Take steps to prepare for these changes today with Solutions 21’s (866-765-2121) succession planning services!

In today’s fast-paced global economy, major workforce shifts seem to occur every year. Solutions 21 can help you future-proof your leadership team with their customizable, research-based leadership development programs, including complete succession planning strategies.

If you own a business in Nashville, you too can take advantage of Solutions 21’s succession planning services, as the consultancy helps local business owners deal with persistent post-pandemic talent shortages. Even though the pandemic is over, you, like many business owners, may still be seeing gaps in your talent pool. As such, effective succession planning might be what you need to overcome these challenges.

Besides ongoing talent shortages, Solutions 21's services also address recent shifts in the U.S. workforce. You may have noticed at your own company that the average age of company managers has been decreasing year by year as senior leaders retire and Millennials take up their positions. These younger leaders tend to emphasize efficiency, fast decision-making, and strong interpersonal relationships.

These changes in leadership styles are driving significant organizational changes as well. For your company's president or CEO, these changes may be a sign that they would do well to cultivate the skill sets they'll need to train their successors to be capable team managers.

Solutions 21's flagship program, Next Leader Now, offers you customized training, coaching, and other services to strengthen your company's culture. With a stronger culture, your company will have a competitive advantage to withstand shifts in leadership and in the workforce at large.

A solid succession planning strategy will also stabilize your company's leadership and increase the likelihood of attracting high-performing employees who want to work for a company that will foster their long-term growth. Investing in succession planning will also improve your employee turnover rate. If your employees know you appreciate their work, they'll be more likely to stick with you over the long term.

Solutions 21 was founded in 1994 to help business leaders like you build, shape, and prepare their organizations to compete in a modern marketplace and preserve their legacies. They educate and coach teams to communicate, motivate each other, and function with greater sophistication. Solutions 21 helps organization members discover their natural strengths, adjust their behavior to encourage the strengths of fellow team members, and together achieve their full potential.

A happy client said, “Solutions 21 has worked with us for over two decades. Since then, we’ve increased our revenue, developed countless people to help with our explosive growth, and set up a board to ensure we continue to deal with everyday challenges. Without their realistic approach, we couldn’t have achieved the success we have today.”

Strong leadership is essential to guide your company through challenges toward continued growth, but not everyone who steps into a leadership role has what it takes to hit the ground running from day one. Proactively investing in programs like those developed by Solutions 21 will give your company's future leaders the skills they'll need to effectively guide their team and the organization as a whole.

You can learn more about Solutions 21's succession planning services at

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