NANO FDA-Registered Rechargeable Hearing Aids: Over-The-Counter Device Benefits

Apr 4, 2024

Do you suffer from perceived mild to moderate hearing loss? Don’t spend a fortune on a prescription device when you could get a NANO OTC hearing aid starting at only $297! Get Bluetooth connectivity for app control, and multiple program settings too.

Looking for a new hearing aid but don't want to pay thousands of dollars? High-quality OTC devices don't have to cost an arm and a leg.

If you suffer from perceived mild to moderate hearing loss, check out NANO's OTC Hearing Aid range! More details at

No Prescription

You'll love the advanced features of the NANO range – from the discrete in-ear CIC2 device to the flagship Sigma Plus with Bluetooth capability for hearing aid app control – all of which you can get without a prescription or a consultation with a hearing professional.

FDA Registered

Don't miss out on the aids featured on the NANO website! You also have the option to purchase refurbished versions of all models! The hearing aid collection has been Class 1-registered by the FDA, which means the devices are safe to use and can be marketed as hearing aids. This classification helps you differentiate between genuine OTC products and the many unregulated aids that flood today's market.

Bin Those Batteries

The CIC2 Rechargeable Hearing Aid saves you significant amounts of money that would ordinarily be spent on replacing batteries. The earpieces deliver up to 12 hours of continuous use on a single charge and come with a small charging case that gives you up to two full charging cycles.


These hearing aids are small and fit snugly into your ear canal and, as a result, are barely noticeable, making them a good choice if you feel self-conscious about wearing any kind of hearing aid. The CIC2, which is available for $297, ships with a variety of tips and domes to ensure a secure and comfortable fit for all sizes of ears as well as cleaning accessories, a user manual, a plug, and a USB charging cable.

One-Year Warranty

All NANO hearing aids come with a one-year warranty and a 45-day returns or refund policy. Any customer queries and issues are handled by the company's team of hearing counselors who are available around the clock to troubleshoot any problems and offer you expert advice.

Noise Reduction Technology

The CIC4 offers similar features to the CIC2 but you get more control over audio levels with four program settings rather than two. This device also features noise reduction technology that provides superior clarity in a variety of environments.

Behind-The-Ear Options

If you're interested in behind-the-ear devices, the NANO X2R provides high-quality audio via dual-direction microphones and an advanced amplification system. A stylish spherical charging case delivers up to 14 hours of use on a single charge. You can power on or off and control the device via a simple rocker switch. The Sigma Plus adds Bluetooth functionality to control the hearing aids via an app to the X2R's features plus a nightstand charger.

A customer says, “From the moment I started using them, they have worked perfectly, better than advertised - all for a hearing aid that was at least a thousand dollars cheaper. I also like the way it fits in my ear canal so I’m the only one who knows.”

Experience the next generation of OTC hearing aids with NANO!

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