Nano CIC OTC Hearing Aids: Affordable Rechargeable Model With Top Features

May 30, 2024

Stop putting up with bad hearing and start living again with Nano Hearing Aids. They have affordable over-the-counter aids and transparent feature breakdowns to help you find your perfect pair.

You can now shop Nano Hearing Aids’ line of OTC hearing aids with more confidence thanks to their new and improved website and detailed new product guides.

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Nano CIC4 OTC Hearing Aids: Price & Features Breakdown

Nano Hearing Aids’ new product guide gives you a full breakdown of the features of their CIC4 OTC Hearing Aids, which you can buy over-the-counter, and may suit you if you are over 18 years of age and you have perceived mild to moderate hearing loss.

As Nano purely makes over-the-counter or OTC hearing aids, they know you are relying on word-of-mouth, reviews and online information to decide which hearing aids are right for you, rather than following the guidance of an audiologist.

That’s why they are pleased to be making their new consumer guide available to you online.

The CIC4s – Affordable, Rechargeable & Nearly Invisible

As their new guide explains, Nano Hearing Aids recommends their CIC4 OTC Hearing Aids to you if you are looking for a balance of affordability and smart features. Their portable and rechargeable hearing aids come with a user-friendly and straightforward push-button control system that makes them a complete ‘out-of-the-box’ hearing solution.

Despite an affordable RRP of $397, the aids boast powerful feedback cancellation and noise management and will allow you to take advantage of four different listening settings. This includes normal listening contexts, listening to music and two settings for noisy places—one for distinguishing quieter sounds in a loud place, like speech in a restaurant, and one for softening jarring, harsh sounds like the noises of a construction zone.

As their consumer guide details, the CIC4 OTC Hearing Aids also have a nearly invisible completely-in-canal style, making them a great choice if you don’t want anyone to notice you are wearing hearing aids.

A spokesperson for their team said, “These OTC hearing aids have a small profile, designed to sit deep within the ear canal, with the receiver or speaker of the hearing aid situated closer to the eardrum than a behind-the-ear device. The result is a hearing aid that works to produce a more natural and complete range of sound by carrying clearer, better hearing into the canal and offering the wearer a higher-quality experience.”

Nano’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In addition to their comprehensive new price and features breakdown, Nano Hearing Aids also makes all their customer reviews available on their website, and they have a customer service team that is dedicated to going above and beyond.

“Try Nano Hearing Aids for 45 days and if you’re not fully satisfied, return them for a full refund,” added their spokesperson. “It’s our 100% satisfaction guaranteed promise to you. Call our helpful support agents, any time, day or night. We make it easy.” 

Nano Hearing Aids is here to help you hear again.

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