Namibia Hunting Safari 2023: Rifle & Bow Trophy Hunter Experiences Announced

Mar 24, 2024

Northern Namibia safari operation Burchell-Wolf Safaris (844-299-3272) has announced personalized bow and rifle hunting safari experiences in a 30,000-acre wilderness.

The family-owned safari company will provide clients with the rare opportunity to hunt for a variety of species in Namibia's challenging and rugged terrain. Burchell-Wolf Safaris offers professionally curated, safe safari experiences amid Namibia's natural beauty and rich game population.

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Each Burchell-Wolf hunting safari is adapted to fit the desires and capabilities of the hunter. The team gives each client personal attention by pairing them with a professional hunter unless otherwise requested. Even those who do not wish to participate in the hunt directly can join as observers or stay behind for a spa day. As a result, each client and their family get the most out of their safari experience.

Namibia is considered one of Africa's finest and safest hunting locations due to its low population density and diversity in terrain and wildlife. Burchell-Wolf's private 30,000-acre hunting concession allows rifle or bow hunters to seek out trophy-quality Gemsbuck, Eland, Kudu, Dik-Diks, and other plains game. In addition, the team can organize hunts for Leopards, Honey Badger, Cheetah, Jackal, and Caracal.

The company also prides itself on wildlife conservation and the sustainability of game animals. They carefully manage the number of game species on the property to ensure ethical hunting practices and abundant opportunities for hunters to find trophies.

As a part of the safari experience, clients will have the opportunity to sleep in a classic tent and enjoy traditional cuisine made with meat from the day's hunt. Beyond the hunt, clients can participate in local activities such as tours, surfing, fishing trips, and skydiving to add to their Namibian experience.

Burchell-Wolf Safaris is operated by founders Scot Burchell and Katie Wolf. Driven by their passion for the experience of hunting in Africa, they started the business to share these once-in-a-lifetime experiences with adventurous clients of all ages.

"Hunting with them is the best experience I've ever had," said Jeff Smith, a satisfied client. "You will arrive as a client and leave as lifetime friends."

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