My Home Watch Launches Adelaide Home Watch Pet Sitting Services With Active Surveillance

Mar 16, 2017

Adelaide house sitting service announced the launch of its pet sitting and home surveillance services. The service provides a comprehensive visual inspection of a home’s access points, security system, water, and electricity supply. Pet sitting services provide a complete care package that includes feeding, walking, playing, sanitary needs and emergency veterinary care.

Adelaide home watch pet sitting company My Home Watch announced the launch of its professional home monitoring and inspection service. The service provides professional internal and external inspections of a home and pet-friendly care services.

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A locked and unsupervised property may be prone to break-ins, water leaks, animal intrusions, and pest infestations. Left undetected, these dangers leave a homeowner liable for thousands of dollars in property damage and repairs. While alarms and surveillance systems aid in the detection of such intrusions, active inspection and prevention can save a property owner money, time, and anxiety.

My Home Watch provides comprehensive service packages that include periodic external and internal inspections of a home that cover electrical and water supply as well as safety and pest infestation checks. Other services include mail holding or forwarding, garbage disposal, horticulture care, and security system verification.

The Adelaide house sitting service is fully customizable to a homeowner's requirements. Walk-around services provide a complete visual inspection of all locks, doors, windows, and cellars. Professional home safety inspectors from My Home Watch ensure that telltale signs of an unoccupied property such as uncleared mail and newspapers are removed.

The company's focus on customer safety and transparency are emphasized by security features such as the storage of a homeowner's keys in a safe, proof of inspections through a QRID Matrix system that records the date and time of each visit with photographic and electronic evidence.

My Home Watch also offers the most affordable pet sitting Adelaide has to offer, caring for pets a friendly yet professional manner. These services include the provision of food, water, playtime, exercise, medication, litter box cleaning, and emergency veterinary visits. Pet owners are provided with real-time day and night vision video surveillance through the company's PetCam service. The service also includes two-way audio that allows owners to communicate with their pets. More information is available at the URL above.

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