Muslim Funerals and Burials Provided by Islamic International Funeral Services

Apr 27, 2017

For dignified Islamic funerals, burials and expedited mortuary shipping, please use Islamic International Funeral Services. More information can be found at

The funeral directors of Islamic International Funeral Services are proud to serve the Muslim communities across America. Specializing in expedited overseas/international shipping services, they respect the Islamic belief that the dead should be buried as quickly as possible. Their staff is accustomed to shipping human remains generally within a day’s time. Also in line with Islamic beliefs, the funeral directors of Islamic International Funeral Services utilize a bio-seal bag to preserve the remains of a loved one in lieu of applying the embalming process. They transfer the loved one from the place of death to their funeral parlor. Removal of female remains is done by females only. Washing and shrouding of the loved one’s body is performed by qualified personnel. Only women handle female remains. They make the flight arrangements to transport the departed, and provide a wooden casket with metal inside as is required by all consulates, embassies and airlines for shipment. They transport the casketed remains from their funeral home to the mosque of the family’s choice. They then move the remains from the mosque to the airport. Islamic International Funeral Services is frequently recommended to families by the Consulate Generals and embassies of other lands.

The funeral directors at Islamic International Funeral Services also attend to local immediate need situations. They remove the loved one from the place of the demise and transport him or her to their firm or the family’s local mosque. A simple wooden casket is included in their burial arrangements. The loved one is moved by their staff from the mosque to the cemetery selected by the family.

All funerals are performed in deference to the religious beliefs of the departed and his or her family. Religious services are conducted by Awad Elsayed Elmatbagi, who is a partial owner and the religious director of Islamic International Funeral Services. The funeral prayer, Salatul Janazah, is also recited. To learn more about the traditional Islamic funeral services provided, please visit

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