Music Distribution Company Helps New Artists Boost Streaming & Royalties

Feb 1, 2024

Audience engagement will be critical to artists’ financial success under Spotify’s new royalties policies. Good Morning Music, a new artist-centered distribution service, can help position emerging artists to connect with listeners.

In the coming weeks, Spotify's new policies governing royalties will take effect, changing thresholds for artists to make money on the platform. Spotify says the changes will optimize smaller payouts that previously failed to reach artists. Experts agree - but only if artists learn to successfully engage listeners so their tracks have sustained popularity. Do you have a plan to boost audience engagement? If not, Good Morning Music can help.

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Why change?

Spotify, one of the world’s top streaming platforms, announced updates to its royalty policies in late 2023. The new policies affect the way artists will receive earnings from the popular platform. Spotify says the changes will optimize smaller payouts that often fail to reach artists under the old system. Previously, these payments were unclaimed or overlooked due to bank transaction fees and withdrawal limits established by distributors and labels.

The changes won't increase the platform's revenue, Spotify says, but will help artists capture more of the money they're owed. While the individual amounts artists disregarded were small, the total amount hit $40 million in 2022. Through its efforts, Spotify hopes to channel an additional $1 billion to emerging and established artists in the next five years.

New Policies

Starting in early 2024, tracks must rack up at least 1000 streams over the previous 12 months in order to qualify for royalty earnings. Spotify will also introduce a minimum unique listener threshold intended to discourage artificial streaming that inflates statistics. Company representatives say they're unlikely to disclose the number to prevent bad actors from gaming the system.

Spotify’s new policy is a big development in the world of streaming, a representative for Good Morning Music said. The changes subvert artificial streaming and base royalties on organic streams, making audience engagement even more important.

Good Morning's Possibilities

Good Morning Music already helps its artists land their music on Spotify and several other popular streaming platforms. The company offers one free and two paid membership tiers. Paid tiers include opportunities for discounts on marketing, advertising, public relations, and expert promoters. Spotify’s policy updates highlight the value of access to engagement experts.

“The updates reflect a shift towards rewarding tracks with sustained popularity, encouraging artists to focus on long-term engagement strategies,” a company representative said. “For artists and rights holders, understanding and adapting to these changes will be crucial in maximizing their streaming revenue in the coming years.

Good Morning Music is based on far more than marketing. In addition to engagement-related benefits, members can also earn points toward studio recording time, musical instruments, equipment, and more.

The company was established by a group of players who have more than 25 years of experience in the music and technology industries. The team’s goal is to help artists reap the benefits of their work and maintain control of their own intellectual property.

The team’s key players have produced songs with billions of streams across household-name platforms. They’ve produced albums with dozens of charted songs.

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