Muncheye & Mark Bishop Announce Upcoming Launch Of Viral Content SaaS Platform

May 6, 2019

Product creator Mark Bishop & his team announced the launch of Trendds, a SaaS viral content search solution to organically rank blogs and monetize products through online stores. The product will launch on the 6th of May, 2019 at a front-end price of $17.

Muncheye and internet marketer Mark Bishop announced the upcoming launch of Trendds, a viral trends & breakout content Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. The SaaS product is expected to launch at 11 EST on the 6th of May, 2019.

More information about Trendds is available at

Trendds has been designed to explore and find viral or breakout content based on specific keywords. Marketers, social media influencers, brands, and businesses rely on viral trends to leverage online marketing opportunities and drive follower or customer engagement.

This SaaS viral trends location platform finds viral content and related short-tail keywords and long-tail phrases used to organically rank a blog or web page. The product features a unified dashboard and intuitive search function. Searches may be filtered or customized based on keyword, language, geographic location, and time period.

Trendds gives users the ability to sort keyword results based on multiple parameters including social media engagement, published date, relevance, and other online marketing performance parameters. Searches may also be customized by source – web, phone, or other sources.

The product features viral content curation and the option to build and monetize multiple blogs and websites by plugging them into a single unified management dashboard. Trending or viral content is sourced through one major feed API and can be used to enrich WordPress blogs.

Trendds has Facebook & Twitter share capabilities and provides product monetization through Amazon & Walmart online stores. The product is newbie-friendly and does not require technical expertise to use. Trendds is bundled with 500 monthly keyword searches, 10 blog posts per month, post management features, and over-the-shoulder video training content.

According to a spokesperson for Trendds, “Trendds delivers trending phrases, sub-niches, and content quickly and with as little effort as possible. With this SaaS platform, users are assured of White Hat compliance, instant blog posting, and rapid product monetization.”

Trendds will launch at a front-end price of $17. More information is available at and at the URL above.

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