Multi-Purpose Skin Care Products For A Glowing Complexion, Chemical-Free!

Jun 17, 2024

Looking for a skincare regimen that is made with integrity? Then try Peri Skin Care’s Sofiel line of chemical-free multi-purpose skin care products.

Most people pay close attention to what they put inside their bodies but less attention to what they put on their bodies. Peri Skin Care wants to change this way of thinking! Their new Sofiel line of all-natural creams, oils, mists, roll-ons, and serums is designed to elevate your daily skincare routine. The products can be used by both women and men and are also safe for children and those who are pregnant.

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Skincare For The Soul!

The most popular items in the Sofiel line are the Camu Camu Skin Restorative Treatment and the Radiance Serum, both of which repair your skin and restore its softness and texture. Also in high demand are the Blue Energy Mist and the Body Enlightenment Oil, two products developed to improve your skin's tone and vitality.

"Modern lifestyles are busy and demanding, leaving people with little time to take care of themselves and forcing them to push proper skin care to the wayside," explained Lisa Stewart, owner of Peri Skin Care. "Our Sofiel line provides a unique opportunity to take a moment for yourself and bring love into your daily regimen."

You can buy these products à la carte or as part of special bundles put together by the Peri Skin Care team. Most of the bundles include two products that complement each other; however, one bundle, the Sofiel Five-Item Bundle, gives you the chance to try each product in the line.

Everything Your Skin Needs And Some!

In addition to nourishing your skin, the products in the Sofiel line can be helpful with issues such as aging skin, dryness, sun damage, dullness, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots. Furthermore, the products help to provide protection from environmental damage making them good base layers or foundations if you are out in the sun a lot.

“I’ve been using Peri Skin Care’s Sofiel products for a few months now and the change in my skin has been really noticeable,” said a satisfied customer. “My skin is much softer, my skin tone has evened out, and my fine lines and wrinkles are much less visible. My skin also feels way more hydrated and nourished. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Developed With You & The Environment In Mind!

The products in the Sofiel line were all carefully formulated by doctors and skincare experts, and they are manufactured in the U.S. under strict cruelty-free guidelines. They are also certified vegan and contain no gluten, parabens, preservatives, or synthetic fragrances.

You're Contributing To A Good Cause Too!

Peri Skin Care donates a percentage of all the proceeds from the Sofiel line to Michael's Promise, a non-profit organization committed to providing children and young adults who have endured trauma or sexual abuse with a sanctuary of support and healing. Like Peri Skin Care, the organization was founded by Stewart, who herself experienced sexual abuse as a young girl.

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