Mt Eden, Auckland Platinum Invisalign Dentist Corrects Underbite & Overcrowding

Mar 14, 2024

Platinum Invisalign Provider All Smiles Dental in Mount Eden, Auckland, will help you achieve straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile without metal braces. Get in touch today 0800-255-764.

If you’ve been meaning to fix your misaligned teeth but don’t want to wear braces, Invisalign aligners may just be the perfect solution for you. In Mt. Eden, Auckland, the go-to clinic for this teeth straightening treatment is All Smiles Dental, the resident Invisalign Platinum Provider.

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Trusted By Millions

Invisalign is a popular tooth straightening alternative to metal braces. According to its creator, Align Technology, over 16 million patients worldwide have been treated using this smile system.

Besides its 96% success rate, many people cite its flexibility, aesthetics, and convenience as the rationale for choosing it over other orthodontic procedures.

Discreet Teeth Straightening

First, compared to metal braces, the Invisalign treatment from All Smiles Dental is more discreet and comfortable. So, you can confidently undergo the treatment knowing most people wouldn’t notice it. Plus, it is suitable for everyone, including children and seniors.

“Invisalign represents a new approach to teeth straightening using transparent plastic aligners that are unobstructive,” a spokesperson for All Smiles Dental said. “By offering it to our patients, we’re able to help them achieve a fantastic smile with minimal disruptions to their daily lives."

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign treatment involves wearing custom-fit, removable aligner trays made from medical-grade, multilayer polyurethane-blend plastic. These trays apply a gentle, incremental force on your teeth, shifting them into the desired position. They can be used for only the top or bottom teeth or both and are typically replaced every two to three weeks until treatment is complete.

Clear Aligners for Every Need

In addition to Invisalign, All Smiles Dental offers other teeth straightening options, such as the Inman aligner, perfect for correcting crowding and protruding teeth, and Myobrace, an early intervention system for addressing malocclusions in children.

Platinum Elite Invisalign Provider

All Smiles Dental is a leading Invisalign provider in Auckland, with the practice receiving the coveted Platinum+ Invisalign Provider title in 2022 and being named Platinum Elite Invisalign Provider in 2023. Besides orthodontic treatments, the practice provides preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services.

For over 25 years, Invisalign has been transforming lives; now it's your turn. Get the smile of your dreams at All Smiles Dental!

What Clients are Saying

“I decided to get my Invisalign done through All Smiles Dental, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The treatment plan was easy to follow, and any time I had an issue, their staff was quick to address it. Thanks to them, I was able to get the smile I wanted without the hassle of wearing braces."

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