Moving up the Ladder – Magnetic Marketing Releases Kennedy Search Engine

Jul 26, 2021

Moving up the Ladder – Magnetic Marketing Releases Kennedy Search Engine. Further information can be found at

If you haven’t heard yet, Magnetic Marketing is launching it's brand new Magnetic Marketing Search Engine. In short, it is a Search Engine packed full of marketing assets that Dan Kennedy himself has created, dating back to 1994. The information within this product is far too valuable not to share with small business owners everywhere.

The Magnetic Marketing Search Engine contains nearly 30 years of Dan Kennedy's Marketing Genius which fans and consumers within the small business marketing space will love...

This includes NO BS Newsletters, Gold Letters, Diamond Letters, Marketing to the Affluent Hot Sheets, Diamond Faxes, Sales Letters, marketing information and ideas, and so much more, all searchable by keywords and phrases. In fact, with so much valuable information packed into one place, we wanted to take the next three weeks of our special promotion to outline twenty-one different pieces of marketing treasure that can be found within the Search Engine. We hope this will help you to gain a complete understanding of the kinds of things you’ll have access to with this investment.

Today is day one of our 21 days of Dan Kennedy and the Magnetic Marketing Search Engine, and our very first piece of marketing gold within the Search Engine is Dan's NO BS Marketing to the Affluent.

So, this is really Dan’s personal advice and marketing knowledge all directed around how to market to people who are more affluent than the average prospect. What you’ll find within these pieces includes:

Personal & real-world examples

Copy insight and tactics

Psychographic thinking & strategies

Specific sales approaches

If you are looking to move up the customer ladder from a lower or mid-level customer to a more affluent customer, and, or you have a product that is designed for affluent individuals, having all of this at your fingertips can make the process much more efficient and certainly help you cut down on research and labor time and costs.

Starting on July 26th through August 16th you will have the opportunity to participate in the launch of the Search Engine at a discounted price of $1,997. This is truly transformative for the marketing world, and it's believed most if not all marketers and business owners can benefit tremendously from it.

You may be saying, “How can anything from 1994 be beneficial to a business today?”

Well, marketing is very cyclical, history has a reputation for repeating itself, and as Dan Kennedy likes to say, “No media is dead.” As an example, I recently read one of the NO BS Information Marketing Reports, that Dan had written in 2008, about the recession. The information in that special report was, in my opinion, as applicable today as it was in 2008 when he first wrote it. So, the ability to have this historical information that Dan wrote about, whether it was in 1994, 2008, or 2012, makes it tremendously easier for the marketer to create copy, come up with ideas, and find success with little to no manual labor.

So, what's in it for you?

The retail price of the Magnetic Marketing Search Engine is $2,997. But during this special promotion, you can get this incredible archive of marketing mastery for just $1,997, but this price point will go away on August 16th, when we close this promotion. On top of all this, we have a special bonus. After August 16, there will be a $497 annual access fee each and every year for people who choose to invest in the Search Engine. However, if you are one of the first 50 to invest, you will not have to pay the $497 yearly membership fee, EVER.

There is over $43,000 worth of Dan Kennedy content inside of the Search Engine, none of which has ever been digitized until now. Look at it all in the palm of your hand, wherever, and whenever, on your phone, tablet, computer, or other electronic devices, and search it all with a single word or phrase. Just imagine not having to rummage through physical newsletters or search back in your emails, downloads, or desktop files. The efficiency is a complete game-changer, and we want you to be a part of this experience!

Magnetic Marketing's Chief Marketing Officer, Darin Spindler, made a quick video going over all the details, you can watch it at the link below and also purchase the Magnetic Marketing Search Engine today at this unbelievable discount of only $1997.

Don’t hesitate and miss out on this incredible offer. The Magnetic Marketing Search Engine promotion begins on July 26, 2021. To find out more, it's possible to visit

MEKA Multicast Marketing is an affiliate of Magnetic Marketing and receives compensation for its promotion of this product. For more facts and further information about MEKA Multicast Marketing, this can be discovered at

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