Moving Out of Sacramento: How To Tell Friends & Family About Cross Country Move

Mar 25, 2024

Are you worried about telling your friends and family you’re moving? has the all advice you need to share the news as sensitively as possible.

Although moving cross-country is incredibly exciting, it can also come with a lot of heartbreak, especially when you are leaving loved ones behind. If you’ve been planning a long-distance move, you may have had many sleepless nights worrying about how to tell your friends and family you’re moving away. Let’s face it… it’s not going to be easy, but there are things you can do to make the conversation run as smoothly as possible. 

Break the news of your upcoming move to friends and family sensitively with is here to guide you through the process of telling your friends and family of your upcoming long-distance move - something that they recognize as being very emotionally challenging. With tips for minimizing as much upset as possible, helps you deliver the news honestly and comfortably.

Preparation is key! highlights the importance of preparation before telling anyone of your upcoming move. Challenging conversations require careful consideration, particularly when other people’s emotions are involved. Therefore, the guide offers a series of preparation tips to help you find the right balance when sharing information.

“If there are private areas of your move that you don't want to discuss, it's better to establish your boundaries before you talk about the move with anyone,” says As such, you should try to carry out mock conversations, adapting these accordingly for different friends and family members. Not everyone is going to need the same approach!

Don't break the news in public!

In addition to content preparation, you should also consider the location of conversations, opting for comfort and familiarity over a busy, public space. Dropping the bombshell in the middle of Target is probably not going to go down well! To lower the risk of interruptions, recommends a quiet, remote space, where you and your audience are the main focus.

Tell your family first!

When considering the order of information relay, advises you to tell close family members first. “The worst thing that can happen is for them to find out last or from someone you told first,” warns the guide. “This could create a rift in your relationship that might last after you move.”

Further tips to help you break the news well:

  • Share your news on a one-to-one basis to avoid overwhelm
  • Give friends and family additional contact details, such as your social media handles
  • Throw a farewell party to say your emotional goodbyes

Find the best cross-country mover!

Once your friends and family have been informed, you will need to start thinking about the logistics of your long-distance move. To make this process easier, check out's comprehensive directory of Sacramento moving companies, offering competitive prices for cross-country moves, including those to or from apartments with no elevator. You can receive up to seven free estimates from Sacramento’s most reputable moving companies, helping you to make more informed decisions.

For more help with your cross-country move, go to

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