Motorcycle Accidents Services Announced By Shreveport Personal Injury Attorney

Oct 26, 2020

Attorney Elizabeth Hancock, a Shreveport, LA personal injury attorney helps those who may be entitled to medical and financial compensation. She also announced services for victims of motorcycle accidents.

Elizabeth Hancock, a personal injury attorney in Shreveport, LA, announced new services for those navigating the aftermath of motorcycle accidents. Specializing in personal injury law and automobile accidents, Attorney Hancock assists clients with prompt and professional investigations as she builds their case to prove liability. She’s skilled in issues concerning motorcycles, automobiles, commercial vehicles, 18-wheelers, bicyclists, and pedestrians, plus those involving railroad crossings and construction sites.

Elizabeth Hancock understands that accidents happen. She also knows that motorcycles are more susceptible to collisions due to their smaller size and lack of stability, and that they are often left hidden in blind spots. With the latest data exposing that nearly 90,000 motorcycle accidents occurred in 2017 alone, Attorney Hancock aims to provide services to victims and fight for compensation.

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Louisiana’s rate of automobile accidents is far above the national average. Although motorcycle accidents happen for many reasons, over 40% are due to colliding with other vehicles making left-hand turns. For bikers who have experienced a collision due to a car turning left, they could be entitled to compensation for injuries or damages. Likewise, those involved in accidents due to negligence from fellow drivers, city governments, or construction sites can also receive payment.

Other common causes of motorcycle accidents include blind spots, overtaking or passing other vehicles, switching lanes, lane splitting, speed, impairment, road debris or damages to the roadway, and lack of experience. When you’re not at fault, you deserve representation from an experienced and passionate personal injury lawyer in Shreveport, LA, and beyond.

Attorney Elizabeth Hancock uses her expertise to investigate a case and then build an argument to prove liability. She knows victims shouldn’t have to pay for an accident they didn’t cause and will fight for reimbursement of financial and medical expenses, even if that means going to trial. Her experience includes working with negligence, particularly cases involving drunk, distracted, uninsured, and underinsured drivers who caused you harm.

Practicing law since 2014, Elizabeth is a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association and the Shreveport Bar Association. She focuses on personal injury law involving automobile accidents, medical malpractice, oil field and construction, and premises liability. With expertise and a passion for justice, Elizabeth works hard to get her clients every penny they deserve.

More information regarding personal injury attorney Elizabeth Hancock and her services for victims of motorcycle accidents, as well as other automobile collisions, is available at the link above.

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