Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Law Firm In Raleigh Charges Lowest Fee

Jun 28, 2024

Survived a bad motorcycle crash but struggling to recover? Are you suffering as a result of someone else’s negligence? Don’t get taken for a ride by insurance companies, get Nagle & Associates on the case! (866-591-9169)

Have you been in a motorcycle accident? Are you fighting with insurance companies who just aren't playing fair?

Get in touch with esteemed law firm Nagle & Associates, P.A. (866-591-9169) for expert legal representation services for motorcycle collisions in Raleigh, NC. More details at

If you need specialist expertise in personal injury cases arising from motorcycle accidents, reach out today! The firm concentrates solely on vehicle accident cases to offer you more effective counsel while working hard to achieve the highest possible settlement.

Nagle & Associates gives you comprehensive legal support from the immediate aftermath of an accident right through to negotiation and any resulting court appearances. The firm has many years of experience in dealing with underhand insurance company tactics and can help you claim the compensation that's rightfully yours.

Independent Investigations

The firm conducts its own detailed investigations into incidents to identify who was responsible and, if necessary, challenge the alleged sequence of events as determined by law enforcement or the defendant.

Medical Evidence

This evidence gathering also extends to medical information, implementing the appropriate assessments by physicians to get a clear picture of injuries you sustained during an accident and their extended consequences. Nagle & Associates ensure that you're not left shouldering the costs of treatment including hospital stays and physical therapy or anything that's necessary for your recovery.

Loss Of Earnings

When pursuing your compensation claim, the team also accounts for any potential loss of earnings incurred as a result of an accident along with any pain and emotional distress that you've suffered. The costs of repairing damage to vehicles or property are also part of the settlement calculations.

Lower Fees

Nagle & Associates are proud to offer you lower fees than other legal firms in the Raleigh area. According to the firm's website, “Most personal injury firms charge 33.3% of the settlement amount and 40-44% of any amount collected after a lawsuit is filed. Our fee is far more favorable for our clients. We charge 25% (¼) of settlement and 33.3% (⅓) in litigation. Most of our cases settle, with no suit filings or court involvement.”

In addition to its Raleigh offices, the firm has bases in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Wilmington, Charlotte, and Hickory, ensuring affordable expertise in personal injury representation across the state of North Carolina.

You can't change the past but a little cash after a bad crash can go a long way to helping you recover. Claim more and keep more of your settlement by working with Nagle & Associates!

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