Morgantown Abuse Attorney Takes Prep School Forced Sexual Acts Cases

Dec 1, 2023

Morgantown’s leading civil attorney, Jessie Forbes, Esq. is determined to fight for the victims of child molestation, forced sexual acts and all other forms of school-based sexual abuse. If your child has been a victim of this crime, he can help.

Jessie Forbes, Esq. wants to fight for your child and your family so that your child can overcome the life-ruining pain of being sexually abused at school.

In his capacity as the Abuse Guardian attorney for Morgantown and the State of West Virginia, Jessie Forbes, Esq. is determined to be a committed and compassionate advocate for survivors of sexual abuse. And, in this capacity, he is also determined to keep expanding his legal support services, which is why he can now file a civil lawsuit for your child and your family if your lives have been upended by the horrible crime of sexual abuse at school. 

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While the reasons for the increase are unclear, the latest figures from the CDC show that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 13 boys today is a victim of child sexual abuse, with 91% of affected children and adolescents being abused by someone they know well. And, as Mr. Forbes has seen, beyond family members and relatives, teachers are sadly one of the most common abusers. 

That’s why he is committed to working harder to fight for the victims of sexual abuse within preparatory schools, boarding schools, private schools and other educational environments. 

As the CDC’s own figures show, the economic burden of child sexual abuse is estimated to be over $9.3 billion, which reflects the fact that, if your child has been the victim of this crime, they may be left with a lifetime of suffering; being statistically more likely to suffer depression and anxiety, to be the victim of further violence, including intimate partner violence, to suffer from chronic health conditions like heart disease and cancer, and more. 

It is for this reason that Mr. Forbes stresses that you and your family should sue for what has happened to you, because this compensation can allow you to address—at least in part—the substantial lifelong disadvantages that your child now faces. 

As an experienced attorney and a committed defender of the victims of sexual assault, Jessie Forbes, Esq. promises to stand by you and your child throughout every step of the legal process and to seek the highest possible compensation in civil court or through settlement. 

Abuse Guardian said, “By filing a lawsuit, survivors can not only seek financial compensation for the harm they have endured but also bring attention to the issue of school-based sexual abuse. Lawsuits can serve as a means to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions and prevent future incidents from occurring.” 

While you cannot take away your child’s pain, you can get the financial compensation you need to start picking up the pieces of your life.

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