More Maryland Jobs Are Available As Unemployment Drops & Employment Surges Explains Philip Kapneck

Dec 11, 2017

Now-retired Maryland Trade Ambassador, Philip Kapneck, known for his commitment to increasing employment, has announced a new job surge in the area. The labor force has risen by more than 10,000 people as unemployment shrinks.

Philip Kapneck, the now-retired Maryland Trade Ambassador, has announced a positive trend in Maryland jobs after a recent surge. He loves to see jobs growing in Maryland, and recent research showcases how many more people are finding work in the local area.

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Philip Kapneck was appointed as Maryland Trade Ambassador in 1974, and served in the post for over 40 years. His primary goal has always been to attract more business and industry to the Maryland area.

In his time as ambassador, he helped to create a record number of jobs in the state. His contacts, both in the USA and overseas, helped to put him in touch with businesses that wanted to set up shop in Maryland.

Some of the companies he has worked with in the past include Axion Structural Design, Fieldturf, A&M Imports, Intrinsic Yacht, and First Down Mobile. Now he is delighted to see that yet more jobs are still being created in the state.

Research shows that Maryland added 2,400 jobs in September, with the unemployment rate continuing its downward trend. It is now as low as 3.8 percent, as more people find work in the local area.

With the national employment rate sitting around 4.2 percent, it showcases how Maryland is ahead of the curve according to the Bureau of Labor statistics.

This means that the number of unemployed in the state has hit the lowest number since the early months of the Great Recession, highlighting strong growth and setting the stage for the months to come.

Further, it was the sixth month of the year that saw Maryland gaining ground in the job sector. Alongside this, according to a recent household survey, Maryland’s labor force has risen by more than 10,000 people.

People are increasingly coming to the area to find work, and businesses are ahead of the curve when it comes to creating jobs for the local population.

The Kapneck Business Formula continues to work, to support businesses across the USA.

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