Montreal Academy Teaches Artistic Medical Aesthetics Techniques: Learn From Home

Nov 22, 2023

Embrace the chance to train for a medical aesthetician’s career from your Montreal home – call Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy at 1-844-337-6975 to meet your mentors!

Our lives are busy enough without rigid educational routes - that’s why Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy has designed its training program to let you learn on your terms. 

Its courses are all about developing eager learners like you - both in-person and online - en route to industry-recognized certification that’ll secure your professional future.

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Throughout its curriculum, you’ll be thoroughly prepared for the industry as you encounter an expanded material range. 

Dermysk is ready - are you? You’ll learn how to:

  • Perform treatments
  • Consult clients
  • Manage wider clinic business concerns
  • And so much more.

Equipped with these skills, you’ll be all set to begin work in the field on a full-time basis.

How does it work?

Dermysk’s novice-focused and advanced course varieties balance cosmetic procedure practice insights with industry guidance conveyed by experienced professionals. They’ll instruct you on safe and hygienic methods for effectively performing services spanning laser hair removal and microneedling to advanced Coolsculpting and IPL system-based treatments.

Dermysk also introduces you to mentors with an established background in medical aesthetics. An academy representative explains: “Our program includes immersive, intensive hands-on training sessions led by industry experts. Learn directly from seasoned practitioners, gaining invaluable practical experience, refining your techniques, and boosting your confidence.”

Acting as tutors and coaches, its staff will get you ready for MedSpa work while also helping you scope out potential hirers. You’ll meet your mentors face-to-face at one of Dermysk’s nationwide academy sites; they’ll then accompany you throughout your study journey and beyond.

Specifically, they can offer you postgraduate support in job-seeking or the setup of your very own home-based practice.

Learn on your time!

Dermysk’s courses are designed to give you a specific target of graduation within two months - how you get there is up to you. Its flexible remote-led structure enables you to progress through your course at your own speed.

Whether you’re a high-school-educated mother or currently busy in higher education, these courses are for you. You can enhance your learning and enrich your potential without needing to devote years of time on top of the already-packed daily schedule that is your life!

“Experience the remarkable transformation of your skills and career prospects,” says a Dermysk spokesperson. “Through our industry-leading training and mentorship, you'll acquire the expertise and confidence needed to excel in the field of medical aesthetics.”

This academy believes that your dreams are achievable goals - and now’s the time to pursue them. 

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