Montana Ranch for Sale as Venture West Ranches Lists 7R Guest Ranch in Missouri River Area

Mar 14, 2017

7R Guest Ranch which is located in Wolf Creek, Montana has been listed by Buzz Tatom of Venture West Ranches. This is a high growth potential business. The present owners have only been running the ranch 5 months out of the year and only opening the bar and restaurant 3-4 days a week during those months. There are multiple markets that are ripe to go after and a new ATV Park that is just starting to show traffic right across the street.

Venture West Ranches a Montana ranch real estate brokerage located in Bozeman, MT has just listed a great Montana business opportunity. The 7R Guest Ranch is an underutilized property in Wolf Creek, MT that gives a buyer significant upside. The 7R Guest Ranch is a hotel, restaurant, bar, RV Park and Event Center located in Wolf Creek, Montana. The present owners only operate 5 months out of the year and during those 5 months only open the bar and restaurant 3-4 days week. See for listing Montana Guest Ranch for Sale

The area is highly coveted for The Missouri River fly fishing that happens 9-10 months out of the year. The 7R Guest Ranch has not marketed to that market. There is also an ATV trail park right across the street from the Guest Ranch that is just starting to be promoted. Events such as weddings, family gatherings, corporate meetings and holiday events could be marketed. Staying open 7 nights a week, 9-10 months a year and marketing to new markets could dramatically increase revenue and profits.

This has been a word of mouth local place that most fly fisherman and fly shops don't even know exist. It has a good local following that could be expanded to more regional appeal and with a good marketing plan could attract a good sized crowd for dinner and drinks with a place to stay. There is a dance floor for entertainment.

The setting is on a country road just north of Wolf Creek that has a creek running through the property and mountains on both sides. Trail rides can be arranged and right across the street is over 37 miles of ATV trails that are just starting to bring people to use that new business. ATV trail riding is a high growth market that is growing very quickly throughout the nation and will definitely impact the number of guests at the 7R Guest Ranch.

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