Monetize Your Skills & Create Impactful, Profitable Online Courses In Your Niche

Your skills are valuable, so why not monetize them further? Course From Scratch can help you build powerful, enticing online courses within your niche.

Monetize Your Skills & Create Impactful, Profitable Online Courses In Your Niche

By now, everyone understands the fact that ecommerce is the next frontier of business, and that as strategies evolve to meet new needs, building a skillset to take advantage of the online space will become essential to success. Dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and digital product marketing all require a particular skill set that one does not simply acquire overnight.

However, this leaves the door open if you are successful in these areas. People want to know your secrets, and they will pay a hefty sum to learn them.

This is where Course From Scratch comes in. They teach a live-service, end-to-end course on how you can monetize your skills further by creating and selling instructional content online.

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This new 60-day program has been designed to walk you through the process of building stunning online courses as well as how to employ community-building strategies. The knowledge they impart is intended to be applicable in all fields, and allows you to teach the skills you have learned over your career to the next generation of professionals.

Guidance provided by the CFS program is intended to help you design around your budget, specifically regarding the tech and material required for success. You will work through the process of determining your “MVC”, or Minimum Viable Course - helping you to create a course that fits your budgetary needs.

One satisfied CFS student said, “It just feels so good to be considered an authority as a woman. Women from all over come to me to learn dropshipping. I launched my MVC. I’m finally in a position where people are respecting me for my honesty, my struggles and for my true self.”

Following the recent mass migration to online learning, the market for online courses has ballooned to over 150 billion dollars in 2021. Especially in fields like business and ecommerce, demand for instructional, community-driven content has risen exponentially in the past 5 years.

With this in mind, CFS has been built to help you craft courses that stand out in an increasingly competitive market through the use of a number of proven strategies. These strategies are beginner-friendly and intentionally low-tech in order to lower the cost of entry and maximize potential growth.

Like any skill, course creation is a powerful tool in the right hands, and CFS can make sure that you are able to wield it effectively. Start building your community today by enrolling in the 60-day CFS program.

The founder and director of CFS, Danielle Leslie, has been operating ecommerce businesses in Silicon Valley for over a decade, and has designed the program with that experience at the forefront. Her knowledge and candid instructional style has allowed her to help hundreds of entrepreneurs monetize their knowledge in the same way that she has been able to do.

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