Monetize Your IP Rights & Buy Licensed Media Content With This Amazing Platform

May 9, 2017

RightsIn Market Place, an intellectual property (IP) rights transaction platform, was officially launched. The Platform allows content owners and buyers to perform a variety of IP transactions 24 x 7 globally based on different flexible criteria.

RightsIn Market Place, an online platform allowing users to perform a variety of content IP (intellectual property) rights transactions, was officially launched.

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Intellectual property rights are essential for both online and offline content creators, as IP rights violations can lead to lawsuits causing significant financial losses. Purchasing licensing rights is important to maintain a solid online reputation, as license violations often contribute to a negative image.

RightsIn Market Place is a new IP rights platform allowing content owners to monetize their IP rights and interested parties to purchase a variety of licensing rights directly from content creators or owners.

The platform allows IP rights transaction for a variety of media content, including movies, TV shows, music, pictures and others. To provide a versatile transaction method, IP rights can be sold based on different criteria, including region, exclusivity, delivery method and availability period. To help buyers and sellers assess the correct price of different property rights, RightsIn Market Place provides an instant cost calculator, allowing the buyer to confirm the purchase instantly.

RightsIn Market Place aims to provide maximum autonomy to content owners looking to monetize their media, offering a solid alternative to similar services. The platform allows owners to self-register, post media content, manage packages and prices, and communicate directly with content buyers.

Content buyers enjoy a similar level of autonomy, and they can generate instant availability reports according to a variety of parameters, including delivery method, exclusivity, region, language, subtitle and many others. To facilitate IP rights transactions, the platform allows buyers to contact content owners directly.

RightsIn Market Place offers unlimited cloud storage for content owners to upload their media, as well as a variety of other features including rights clearance, revenue exploitation, licensing flexibility and many others.

The management and development team for RightsIn is the same team that created the supply-chain solution, Web Concepts. Web Concepts has been used by multiple major Hollywood studios including Disney, Sony and Paramount Pictures for handling DVD and Blu-ray distribution to WalMart, Target, BestBuy, and other global retailers.

The RightsIn Marketplace is the natural progression from the Web Concepts platform because it is concerned with real-time digital rights fulfillment rather than direct to shelves fulfillment with physical products.

Over twenty years working with major Hollywood Studios gives RightsIn the end-to-end understanding of content monetization in the industry and helped them design and create solutions for IP monetization problems that have existed for many years.

CEO of RightsIn Ray Young says "We see RightsIn quickly becoming the largest single source of licensable intellectual property content database in the world. But, much more than just a repository for IP, it will be the largest revenue generating platform for all types of content owners."

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