Moline’s Top AC Unit Technicians Repair Mini-Split Ductless Cooling Systems

Jun 1, 2023

If your AC unit isn’t working and you’re worried about having an unbearably hot home through the summer, get the experts at Northwest Plumbing, Heating & AC (563-391-1344) to take a look at it for you.

Illinois is expecting another hot summer, which means you'll need an AC unit that is ready to go! Northwest Plumbing, Heating & AC wants to help you make sure your unit is up for the challenge by providing you with expert air conditioning services!

Their services help you ensure that your air conditioning unit is functioning properly ahead of the warm summer months. The company’s qualified technicians are available for residential and commercial installations, repairs, and maintenance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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In terms of installing AC units, Northwest Plumbing, Heating & AC’s technicians can install a variety of makes and models. Whether you have a new home or business or an old one that just needs a new unit, they ensure that all units are installed correctly and functioning properly from the outset. They also replace old units that are no longer working as intended.

Additionally, their technicians repair units that are damaged or malfunctioning. Common issues they address include faulty thermostats, refrigerant leaks, dirty filters, units not emitting cold air, and electrical problems. Their goal with repairs is to get the AC unit functioning properly again and help you avoid bigger repairs in the future.

Northwest Plumbing, Heating & AC also offers routine maintenance. For $99/year (or $8.25/month) plus tax, you can get regular preventative check-ups of your AC unit. Learn more at

By having an AC unit that is functioning as designed, you not only keep your home cool but also improve its air quality. Moreover, though it seems counterintuitive, by having an AC unit that is working properly, you lower your utility consumption because the unit isn't having to work overtime to compensate for damage and other faults.

“In these hot summer months, you want to come back to a nice cool home,” said a spokesperson for the company. “At Northwest Plumbing, Heating & AC our top priority is to keep you and your family comfortable. If your air conditioner isn’t working properly, give us a call and we’ll get your home cooling back up and running in no time.”

If you are interested in hiring Northwest Plumbing, Heating & AC for your air conditioning needs, you can call the number in the description or fill out the contact form on their website.

The cost of their air conditioning services depends on what job is being performed; however, the company does offer several financing options if needed. Additionally, each month they run a special with discounts on select services.

About Northwest Plumbing, Heating & AC

Northwest Plumbing, Heating & AC has been providing professional air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance services since 1923. In addition to the Quad Cities, the company also serves Scott, Rock Island, Henry, Clinton, Muscatine, and Cedar counties.

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