Mobile Art Racks With Custom Shelves For Pennsylvania Museums Save Space

Sep 9, 2023

Save space, improve security, and organize your art collection with mobile art racks from Spacesaver Corporation (800 255 8170).

In 1986, comedian George Carlin performed a hilarious bit about the importance of "Stuff" in our lives - pointing out that our houses are just a place for all our stuff. And it's even more true today - people have so much stuff! When they accumulate too much stuff - they need to move, they need to get a bigger house.

Now, as a museum or art gallery director, you can't just up and move once your collection gets too big. And, of course, your "Stuff" is much more valuable than random Joe's collection of 90s action figures.

What you need isn't a bigger building; it's innovative storage systems that will save space, improve security, and even move with you should you need to relocate your "Stuff".

And I'll tell you all about some of the most advanced mobile storage systems for museums in a bit. Here's what you'll find in this article:

  • Where to find high-density mobile storage systems
  • Different types of art rack systems
  • How to customize your storage

The answer to the first question is easy: Spacesaver. They pioneered high-density mobile shelving way back in the 1970s - which tells me they know what they're doing. More on them a bit later - right now, let's talk about what they offer.

Modular & Carriage-Mounted Art Racks, Plus Much More

Whether you're looking for wall-mounted or floor-supported art racks, Spacesaver has a storage solution that will provide both security and ease of use - along with saving space, of course.

Their most recent model, Mod-Glider Pro™ is all about versatility, flexibility, and smooth operation. Durable and easy to move, this innovative art rack features a welded wire or punched triangle pattern screen, so you can easily hang and display different forms of visual arts – from sculptures to framed art. The screens can be fully extended with minimal force, and transfer directly to the floor, for smooth operation. 

If you're looking to increase density, you can also check out their Carriage-Mounted Art Rack. These systems can be easily integrated with existing high-density storage solutions, museum cabinets, and shelving.  

Custom Features: Screens & Accessories

Spacesaver currently offers six types of art rack systems, which can be customized to your specifications. For example, all their art racks can come with either woven wire or punched screen options, while the Mod-Glider Pro features two additional options: punch triangle and welded wire screen.

Accessories include a variety of hooks, shelves, and hangers. Additional options are available for Mod-Glider Pro in terms of accessories as well; these include rolled textile, frame-spanning hooks, and universal mounting brackets.

Why Spacesaver?

As I said, these guys pioneered high-density mobile shelving. They specialize in helping clients maximize storage capacity, protect their collections, and easily relocate their storage if needed. In addition to museums and art galleries, the company designs and manufactures specialized storage solutions for evidence rooms, libraries, military, retail, and others.

All their products are manufactured in-house with on-site engineering and manufacturing teams. To date, they have completed over 400,000 projects.

To get your own mobile art rack and learn more about Spacesaver, visit

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