Mobile, AL Thunder Creek Fleet Maintenance Equipment Supplier For Agriculture

Jan 18, 2023

Maximize your workflow with Gulf City Body & Trailer Works’ (251-438-5521) Thunder Creek equipment. Check out the models today!

Mobile, AL Thunder Creek Fleet Maintenance Equipment Supplier For Agriculture

Save yourself the hassle of going through the necessary paperwork to get a hazmat endorsement and invest in Thunder Creek No-Hazmat fuel and service trailers.

The No-Hazmat feature means drivers no longer need to carry a hazardous materials endorsement when they haul diesel.

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Don't put your employees and cargo at risk! Many contractors lose millions of dollars due to accidents and spills.

According to Gulf City Body & Trailer Works, a company specializing in the sale, maintenance, and repair of Thunder Creek No-Hazmat fuel and service trailers, the brand is the leading manufacturer of bulk diesel, DEF, and fleet maintenance equipment. Proudly made in the USA, the brand is well-known for being the workhorse that powers several industries, from agriculture to transportation.

The trailer sales and repair company states that due to the size and multi-tank system of the new Thunder Creek trailers, you can save on fuel costs because you can load up when the prices are low, and can keep going for a long time before needing to top up again. Many owners report seeing a return on their investment within 60 days.

With fuel in stock, you can maximize operating time and work seamlessly without the need to stop and refill too often. With the new Thunder Creek equipment, you are able to schedule your projects to go on for longer without breaks, optimizing efficiency and manpower, which ultimately saves you a lot of money.

Contractors like you have limited liability on the new trailers because they are 100% DOT compliant. The trucks are constructed with double-welded seams and the thickest steel in the industry. They have fuel baffles that eliminate the risk of surges when going on rough terrain.

About the Company

Gulf City Body & Trailer Works has been in business for 73 years and is a well-established name for quality and excellent customer service. The business has a 10-acre lot with 50,000 square feet dedicated to the sale, service, and repair of trucks and trailers of any size, make, and model.

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