MIT Study Shows 50% of Calls To Small Businesses Go Unanswered

Dec 26, 2023

A recent MIT study discovered that a 50% of customer calls to small businesses are simply never answered

The world is moving at a lightning-fast pace and businesses strive every day to stay connected with their stakeholders - be it customers, partners, vendors or employees. Amidst all these interactions, it isn’t uncommon for calls to go unanswered occasionally. However, each unanswered call could be a missed business opportunity, an unsatisfied customer or even worse, bad feedback about customer service. These situations call for an efficient system - one that ensures prompt response and maintains seamless communication - thus laying the foundation for the discussion on 'missed call text back' solutions.

A missed call text back feature provides an automatic SMS response for missed calls, ensuring businesses deliver an immediate response to their callers even when they are unable to attend the call in real time. It not only keeps your prospects engaged but also assures them that their call has registered and will be attended at the earliest possible opportunity.

Employing 'missed call text back' in your business strategy offers numerous advantages. Primarily, it bridges the communication gap between your business and your prospective customers. Even when you miss their call, they receive an immediate automatic acknowledgment via an SMS. This kind of response enhances your customer’s experience since they know they’ve been acknowledged and will soon be contacted.

Besides enhancing customer experience, it also numbs down the stress on you or your team members who may constantly worry about missing out on important calls while managing daily operations. A missed call is not an end in itself, but an opportunity to turn a potential lead into a valuable customer with the help of an automated text back facility.

Whether you're a healthcare provider missing calls from patients, or a retailer struggling to answer all customer enquiries, or a service provider dealing with multiple clients; a 'missed call text back' feature helps maintain a smooth client relationship and ensures that your business doesn’t suffer because of unattended calls.

In essence, 'missed call text back' is not just an advanced business tool but rather embodies an efficient communication philosophy. Ready to explore how this fabulous automated SMS response can transform your business and ensure that you never miss another call again?

As customer management solutions have evolved, the 'missed call text back' feature has gained significant prominence. Pioneered by innovative companies like Weave, Grasshopper, Reachify, and HighLevel, this automatic SMS response system has become indispensable in today's hyper-connected business landscape.

Leveraging HighLevel's platform, takes things further by integrating its missed call text back feature within a full stack sales and marketing software solution. This unified approach enhances customer interactions at each step of the buying journey from lead generation to conversion and retention.

Around the world, businesses are reporting impressive results from deploying these advanced communication tools. Whether it's improved response rates, increased customer retention or heightened operational efficiency, the evidence is overwhelmingly positive. Customers appreciate immediate acknowledgment of their calls and tend to remain engaged with businesses that provide prompt responses. Given the rise in mobile phone usage and consumers' expectations for instant response times, this technology has become more relevant than ever. A well implemented communication strategy using automated text message responses can potentially pave the path for better customer connections and high-speed business growth.

How Does it Work?

Firstly, let’s break down the term 'missed call text back'. It is a feature that triggers an automatic SMS to the caller when their call goes unanswered. This message could be a simple acknowledgement saying the call has been registered or a more detailed response indicating when they can expect a callback - all depending on what response you have set up in your system.

The key technology behind this feature is SMS automation for missed calls. When a call comes through the business line and isn’t answered within a certain amount of rings or time frame, the system identifies it as a missed call. Following this judgement, an automated software or autoresponder kicks in to send out a pre-determined message to the caller's mobile number.

However, before jumping right into its deployment, businesses need to customize this feature according to their requirements. This step involves defining a suitable response message that aligns with your brand image and conveys your attention towards customer queries aptly.

You might be thinking - What should these responses look like? Well, they can range from simple acknowledgment texts such as “Thanks for reaching out! We’re unable to take your call at the moment but we will contact you soon.” to more customized texts based on various factors like time of call or type of enquiry.

Moreover, some systems allow even deeper levels of customization. For instance, if you run different marketing campaigns simultaneously and receive calls for each one of them on different numbers; you may want to set specific responses relevant to each campaign. With advanced 'missed call text back' systems, you can set separate messages for each line and maintain a more context-specific interaction with your callers.

Remember, the purpose of the automated text message is not just to inform the caller about their missed call but also to keep them engaged with your business until you get a chance to connect back with them. So, it’s essential that your SMS autoresponder reflects the same level of professionalism and dedication towards customer satisfaction that would have been conveyed had you picked up the phone in real-time.

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