Mission, BC Headquarters Welding Firm Mobile Welding Expands Service Coverage To Surrey

Feb 5, 2017

British Columbia welding and machining specialists Mobile Welding Surrey announced the expansion of their licensed welding services in Greater Vancouver. The expansion follows the successful operation of a professional welding and heavy equipment repair shop in Mission, BC. The expanded service is designed to benefit the owners of heavy construction equipment and industrial vehicles.

Mission, BC heavy equipment mobile welding company Mobile Welding Surrey announced the expansion of its services to the city of Surrey, British Columbia. The new operations in Surrey will offer the company's full suite of services to industrial and heavy equipment owners in the region.

More information about Mobile Welding Surrey and is available at http://mobileweldingsurrey.com

Heavy equipment such as large-scale industrial machines and vehicles used in mining, oil refineries, construction, power generation, and other sectors require specialized welding techniques to correct defects such as structural cracks that occur as a result of regular wear or accidents. The service life of components mounted on industrial vehicles can be greatly extended through mobile welding of truck bed linings. Mobile Welding Surrey also specializes in the repair of undercarriages, cab guards, catwalks, brushing, and pins.

Mobile Welding Surrey is an extension of the firm's full-services welding shop in the city of Mission that handles heavy industrial equipment. Mobile welding services are able to make welding repairs to equipment that is immovable or impractical to transport to a base location. The company offers spray welding, portable line boring, custom machining, grinding, and press work.

According to a spokesperson for Mobile Welding Surrey, "Our successful operations in Mission have led us to offer these welding services in Surrey. As a licensed A-level welding contractor, we are pleased to extend our service coverage to include Surrey. We also provide our licensed welding services in Greater Vancouver, serving small, medium, and large industrial operations. We pride ourselves on personalized, efficient, and cost-effective service with a smile."

Headquartered in the forestry and agricultural hub city of Mission, Mobile Welding Surrey also offers its services in Langley White Rock, Delta, Burnaby, and the Tri-Cities area. The company specializes in the repair of excavator buckets, loaders, crushers, forklifts, dump trucks, crack repair for truck frames. The firm also offers on-site custom machining and fabrication for parts that are not economically viable for transport or import. For more information, visit the website at link given above.

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