Mint & HODL A Poseidon NFT From This Crypto Collection & Get Exclusive Rewards

Mar 7, 2024

Greek Mythology Club NFT announces a new wave of Poseidon NFTs as part of the initial Greek gods collection for the Greek Mythology Club.

With Greek Mythology Club, you can collect eye-catching Greek god-themed NFTs and stack rewards over time, from up to Ethereum bi-weekly through to Airbnb stays and more. It doesn't get much better than that – so it's no wonder the G.M.C. is getting so much attention!

Mint your first NFT at and join the club!

All the big gods are here

The early access Poseidon NFTs are available alongside Zeus, Hermes, Ares, and Apollo - with 5,555 in total. Once this first wave is complete, the second will feature Greek goddesses, while the third will offer you the chance to collect mythical creatures.

Each NFT has a unique design, with a distinct background, robes, hand items, headgear, chair, hair, and eyes, so you can build a unique collection of your favorite gods and no two pieces are identical.

Get community support & grow together

The goal of the project is to give you an inclusive, supportive community and something that offers fresh hope following the scams that have been so prevalent in the industry. Brendon Parker, the founder, states: “One of the most significant issues is the prevalence of rug pulls, where unscrupulous actors exploit the lack of regulation to deceive and defraud unsuspecting participants.”

One of the main focal points of the G.M.C. is providing you with web3 and blockchain education to help reduce exposure to scams. The team believes education is crucial for protecting community members, enabling you to spot issues in the future.

Levels for days

The community features five membership levels, each unlocked by acquiring more NFTs. The levels start at the Fish Club if you have 1 NFT, then progress to the Dolphin Club at 5 NFTs, Shark Club at 10, Whale Club at 20, and finally Kraken Club if you have over 40 NFTs.

On top of structured educational content, the group also focuses on fostering support among members, with additional rewards for helping grow the community, including VIP access to special events and early access to new NFT launches and private token sales.

This is the next big thing in the NFT space, and you don’t want to miss out!

Check out for all the details you need to join G.M.C.!

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