Minimum Wage Workers Save Money On Bills With Financial Optimization Tool!

Jul 5, 2024

If you’re struggling to make your monthly utilities payments, Bill Saver can help you save money and reduce overall expenses.

It's tough out there - and if you're like millions of other Americans, you may be living hand to mouth each month. If you're ready for a break, check out the Bill Saver financial optimization tool, from Recession Resister!

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Bill Saver helps people who are working for minimum wages to identify areas of financial waste and create sustainable household budgets.

Negotiate Better Rates

At a time when the cost of living in the United States is at an all-time high, Bill Saver allows you to negotiate better utility rates for electric, gas, waste management, pest control, and more - crucial if you're on a limited or low income!

A recent Forbes report shows that inflation continues to rise, and many Americans are struggling to make ends meet while working for minimum wages. With Bill Saver’s expert team of analysts and negotiators, your household can start to see significant savings in your monthly expenses.

Stop Overpaying

“Many people don’t realize that they are overpaying for many of the services they use every day,” explains a Recession Resister spokesperson. “With Bill Saver, our smart technology and team of negotiation experts ensure that you’re not being overcharged. We work to reduce your bills so you can sit back and enjoy the savings.”

Other possible areas of savings include internet, telephone, satellite, security, and cable television services. There is no starting fee, and payment is only due if Bill Saver identifies and secures refunds or reduced rates on your behalf.

You simply scan or take photos of existing bills and upload them to the platform, at which point the trained team of negotiators gets to work. They’ll also help your family go green with 50% renewable energy, at no additional cost.

Create Better Budgets

The platform helps analyze your past spending patterns and allows you to manage your finances more effectively and develop a sustainable budget.

Bill Saver customers have positive reviews for the platform. “Between my mom and I, we uploaded eight bills and over a year or two they’ve saved us over $2500 collectively,” says Kyle G. “We didn’t even know we were getting overcharged and they found money that was owed to us. Highly recommended!”

Start saving money on your utility costs today with Bill Saver!

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