Minimum Wage Employees Maximize Bill Savings With Professional Auditing Service

Jul 5, 2024

If you’re working for minimum wage, Recession Resister can help you to save money and reduce some of your financial concerns with its Bill Saver program!

When you work for minimum wage, the rising cost of living can feel like a bit too much of a squeeze – but Recession Resister has an experienced negotiation team on hand to help. You can reduce your bills, get compensation for overpayments, and more!

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Reduce your bills within weeks

To begin the service, you just have to upload your monthly contracts to the secure Recession Resister portal - and the team will immediately analyze them, looking for errors, overpayments, or new contract opportunities. Within weeks, you can expect to be presented with options for reduced rates.

The 'done-for-you' auditing service covers a wide range of household expenses, including thorough examinations of gas, electric, telecom, cellular, internet, and water bills. By scrutinizing contracts for these services, the program identifies potential savings and overcharges that may have gone unnoticed by consumers.

Recover huge savings

In the telecommunications sector, the audit encompasses local, long-distance, and internet charges - and the team will evaluate the cost-effectiveness of line charges and identify redundancies, aiming to streamline communications expenses, and potentially leading to significant savings for you.

Utility bill audits form another key component of the program. These reviews examine both current and past usage patterns to ensure accurate meter readings, and in cases where discrepancies are found, you may be eligible for refunds dating back up to four years, depending on the specific circumstances and regulations.

Recession Resister explains that time is of the essence if you're considering auditing older bills, because many states impose a 36-month statute of limitations on reporting billing errors. Taking prompt action can help to maximize potential savings and rectify any long-standing overcharges.

There's no charge to get started

Recession Resister has structured the program to be risk-free for you - the company only collects 50% of the realized savings, ensuring that you benefit from any identified cost reductions without upfront fees or financial risk.

One recent customer said: "I didn’t even realize I could negotiate some of these bills. Bill Saver got me a lower bill for my cable, my internet, my cellphone, and my energy - and I didn’t have to do a thing. Hundreds of dollars in savings. Thanks, Bill Saver."

If you're feeling the pinch with your utility bills, Recession Resister is here to help!

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