Microsoft Authenticator App: Azure Consultants Offer Fintech Security Solutions

May 10, 2023

Azure IAM can be your partner in protecting your sensitive financial data with powerful security and access management solutions.

You company's data is its most valuable asset. In fact, in an increasingly cloud-based world, data is quickly becoming the only asset that truly matters. Secrets like passwords and customer financial data are all safeguarded by your on-premise security, and so when it comes to those systems, it is imperative that you use only the best technology available.

However, connecting and implementing a robust security environment that simultaneously protects your user data without interrupting day-to-day operations can be extremely tricky. Thousands of solutions exist on the market, many of which have compatibility issues when used together.

Azure IAM are the leading experts in the implementation process, and can help you untangle the complicated world of access management. Their solutions are streamlined, secure, and versatile, making them the ideal partner for all verification and access management needs.

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Azure IAM’s service has already been used to secure data for some of the largest public and private entities in the nation, including federal clients and multinational corporations, and it is easy to see why. Their security solutions are powered by partnerships with major developers such as Microsoft and Sailpoint, with leading software also available to supplement these already powerful solutions.

Using this service, your company can create security ecosystems for both on-premise and cloud-based data storage systems. Azure IAM can also establish hybrid systems using a diverse range of software implementations such as OAuth and OpenID, streamlining verification and saving resources in the process.

Azure IAM implementations can help you more effectively manage your users with tools to create user groups and consolidate multiple digital identities under a single access token. For the end user, this results in a seamless experience with minimal security checks, and when checks are conducted, they are through user-friendly services like Yubikey.

Aside from their direct implementation services, the Azure IAM consulting firm can help you define the security policies within your organization and then create custom software packages to back those policies up. By helping you through the entire process of creating authenticated security, Azure IAM ensures that nothing is overlooked and no vulnerabilities remain.

For your fintech company, only the most powerful solutions will do. Cloud storage can be notoriously dangerous when financial data is involved, which is why the consultancy has bolstered their capabilities to better serve that market.

With Azure IAM, you can keep your sensitive internal data secure in the event of even the most sophisticated attacks. They can create custom protections against password spray, impersonation, and phishing, ensuring that your sensitive information never falls into the wrong hands.

Their team is composed of some of the leading experts on Azure and Microsoft verification technologies, with over 50 years of combined experience. They have experience in everything from direct development to directory services and licensing, all of which has left them uniquely equipped to serve some of the highest-security clients in the world.

You can read a full list of the security implementations Azure IAM has designed in the past on their website.

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