Michigan Librarians Manage Collections With High-Density Mobile Shelving

Oct 17, 2023

If you’re looking for high-density, easy-access storage solutions for your institution, Spacesaver offers modular and wall-mounted shelving for libraries and art galleries.

As a librarian or museum curator, you need easy, secure access to your collection.

If you're ready to update your storage space for maximum comfort and efficiency, Spacesaver's high-density mobile shelving is the perfect solution! The company provides you with customized, high-density, secure storage solutions for your library, school, and museum collections.

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The selection and customization of high-density mobile shelving is perfect for museums, libraries, universities, and other institutions where secure storage is required for valuable manuscripts, books, and artifacts.

Research from the University of Illinois shows that high-density storage solutions are vital for libraries and museums, especially when you need to be able to access valuable artifacts, canvases, or maps for regular retrieval. The mobile shelving units from Spacesaver can be used to store, organize, access, and protect your collection of archives and artifacts of all kinds.

“We recognize that librarians and curators need easy access, security, and large-scale storage capacity while also keeping a collection protected and organized,” says a company representative. “We offer various combinations of high-density shelving systems to provide compact storage solutions for your library, museum, and archival collections.”

The company’s modular shelving options are fully customizable and feature three modes of operation, including manual, mechanical-assist, and powered mobility. The shelves and cabinets are mounted onto a carriage and rail system to provide secure storage for all library and museum objects, regardless of size or shape.

A variety of system features are available, including soft-start/soft-stop on powered mobile shelving systems, perforated shelving for optimized airflow, and various accessories like textile racks, drawers, pull-out shelves, and more.

With mobile shelving systems in place, librarians and curators can eliminate wasted aisle space, increase capacity, and optimize their building’s footprint.

Spacesaver’s high-density mobile shelving units are designed for flexibility and convenience while maximizing security and space. Additionally, the storage units come with roller-bearing guide wheel assemblies that provide stability and in-rail anti-tip devices to reduce any concerns about weight balance while helping protect your valuable items.

Don't wait any longer - start experiencing the Spacesaver storage difference today!

Learn more at https://www.spacesaver.com/

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