Meridian, MS Sex Trafficking Attorney Helps Survivors Report Their Abusers

Nov 27, 2023

Greg Zarzaur is committed to fighting the scourge of sex trafficking in Meridian and the State of Mississippi. If you have survived this horrible crime, he will be a tireless and compassionate advocate in your quest for justice.

If a human trafficker has taken years of your life away from you and caused you unimaginable pain and hurt, Greg Zarzaur wants to ensure they pay for their crimes.

In a concerted effort to address the rise in sex trafficking cases in the United States, including in the State of Mississippi, Mr. Zarzaur is using his legal expertise to provide greater support to the survivors of this crime, like yourself. His commitment to justice and compassion for victims has been a cornerstone of his legal practice, and with the expansion of his legal representation services, he believes he can both better help you recover from what you have endured and combat the scourge of sex trafficking. 

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Mr. Zarzaur, who was recently appointed as the Abuse Guardian representative for Mississippi—the only national collective of sexual abuse attorneys in the US—has been widely recognized for his advocacy work in sexual abuse cases, and he brings both a wealth of experience and a compassionate approach to his work. Through his updated legal representation services, he is hopeful that he can help you start rebuilding your life by making sure your voice is heard in any criminal hearings, and holding perpetrators accountable for their actions in civil court. 

His updated services encompass a range of legal support, including officially reporting the crime to law enforcement and filing a civil claim and seeking compensation on your behalf. In everything that he does, Greg Zarzaur will aim to create a safe and supportive environment for you, ensuring you have the resources and advocacy necessary to move forward in your healing journey. 

Mr. Zarzaur believes that, as a survivor of sex trafficking, you deserve restitution and compensation at the highest level for the physical, emotional and financial suffering you have endured and he will fight for the best resolution in court or through settlement. 

In addition to being the Mississippi representative for Abuse Guardian, Greg Zarzaur is also the head of Zarzaur Attorneys, and his team is likewise single-mindedly devoted to the pursuit of justice for sexual abuse and sex trafficking victims. 

Abuse Guardian said, “Passionately committed to championing the rights of sex trafficking survivors, I’m privileged to be licensed and actively serving the State of Mississippi. With my extensive legal experience, I meticulously handle the complexities of these deeply sensitive cases. Together with my committed team, we promise steadfast support and guidance in your pursuit of justice.” 

If you want justice, the first step you need to take is reporting your crime, and Mr. Zarzaur promises he will be by your side as you do so, and every step of the way after that.

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