Mergen Orthodontics in Iowa City Discusses How to Excel in Preventive Care.

Sep 7, 2021

Here at Mergen Orthodontics, we have recently launched a blog entitled, “Mergen Orthodontics in Iowa City Discusses How to Excel in Preventive Care.” People who want to learn about the importance of preventive care can read the article in full below.

Mergen Orthodontics in Iowa City have recently published a blog entitled, “Mergen Orthodontics in Iowa City Discusses How to Excel in Preventive Care.” This report highlights the most innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology that Dr. Mergen and his Staff use for preventive care. You can read the article in full at MergenOrthodontics/preventive care.

“At Mergen Orthodontics, we strive to ensure each patient’s comfort and happiness when they walk through our doors.” Furthermore, what makes Mergen Orthodontics excel is their outstanding preventive care. This practice means evaluating malalignments of the teeth common in children, offering adjustments to correct any bite issues, and following through with Invisalign or clear braces options when the child is ready.

The article conveys an important piece of information about why people should bring their children to Mergen Orthodontics. Dr. Mergen is one of the few Pediatric Orthodontists in Eastern Iowa that offers early evaluation and prevention. This practice often results in fewer treatments in the future, less time spent in the office, less cost, and better results. Moreover, Dr. Mergen and Staff have earned a 5-Star Google review rating with over 500 reviews. We have also won 5-Star FB followers and voted “Best Orthodontist In Iowa City.”

We at Mergen Orthodontics have been creating life-changing smiles in Johnson County and the surrounding areas since 1997, with passion, commitment, and advanced orthodontic care. That is why we can’t wait for you to meet us.

Mergen Orthodontics now welcomes comments and questions from readers concerning the article as we intend to provide relevant and valuable information to our patients and readers. The reason is that we want to help the audience with tips and information regarding preventive care.

If you have any specific questions or comments about this blog or any blog previously published on our site, don’t hesitate to contact us via our website at Mergen Orthodontics.

Once again, you can read the complete article at MergenOrthodontics/preventive care.

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