Membership Association Helps International Beauty Brands Access The US Market

Jul 17, 2023

Do you own a business in the health, beauty, and wellness industry and want to get a foothold in the US market? Are you confused by the various customs laws and regulations? American International Health & Beauty Association is here to help!

As an international health, beauty, and wellness business owner, you know that breaking into the US market will provide you with a large pool of prospective customers for your products and services. However, without knowing the right way to get started, you might experience customs delays and FDA issues.

That’s where the American International Health & Beauty Association (AIHBA) can help! With its membership program, it will provide you with comprehensive support in areas such as FDA registration, product shipping, customs clearing, and trade show representation.

By becoming a member, you can easily expand your services and bolster growth within the US market by enjoying solid support and taking advantage of new sales opportunities.

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As the US beauty and personal care market sees an average annual CAGR of 2.5%, with Statista Market Insights estimating its yearly revenue at over $92 billion, international business owners are looking for ways to access this lucrative market. However, businesses need to comply with a long list of laws and regulations, especially foreign company owners, which can hinder an enterprise’s expansion.

To help you address this challenge, the AIHBA has created its membership service, giving international brand owners like you the support they need to access the US market.

The membership is offered in three main tiers, each offering varying levels of support and prices so that you can find the one that best suits your budget and needs. Each membership includes an AIHBA certificate with various discounts and support options, depending on the tier level.

Once signed up, you will receive a wide range of services that will facilitate your access to the US health, beauty, and wellness market, including initial assistance in FDA and copyright registration, patent searching, and legal support. You can also utilize various marketing services, such as trade shows and conference representation, advertising, and consultations, to grow and expand your business further.

Additionally, you will get access to AIHBA’s extensive community of like-minded business owners, which offers further networking opportunities.

“If you are thinking of expanding to the American market, you have come to the right place. AIHBA provides business solutions and services that will help you reach your goals by accessing the most lucrative consumer marketplace in the world,” a spokesperson for the AIHBA said.

Get access to the US health, beauty, and wellness market with the AIHBA’s international membership program.

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