Melbourne Solar Incentives For Businesses: Authorized Retailer Explains Options

Apr 4, 2024

Solar is more affordable than ever before, and Geelong-based City To Surf Solar (1300 348 847) is helping Melbourne businesses maximize the range of financial incentives currently available.

Joining The Solar Revolution

Uptake of solar across Victoria is at an all-time high, driven by high energy prices and the increasing affordability of solar panels. However, fair-weather conditions don’t last forever, and City To Surf Solar can help your Melbourne business maximize the opportunity.

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The firm uses leading panel technology from Sunpower, so you’ll not only save now, but well into the future. They’ll also ensure you’re getting the full benefit of government rebates, such as the Solar for Business Program and the Federal Small Business Energy Incentive.

As City To Surf Solar points out, the Solar for Business Program offers rebates of up to 50% for rooftop solar installations, up to a maximum of $3,500, while interest-free loans up to $5,000 are also available to help you cover the up-front costs. In addition, the Federal Small Business Energy Incentive allows for 20% tax deductions on energy efficient devices, including solar panels and battery storage.

Businesses & Homes Are Showing The Way

Solar industry data monitoring group SunWiz reports that home and business installations are the fastest growing segment of the sector, largely to due to the increasing affordability of solar panels, along with high energy prices. The firm states that, at the end of last year, rooftop solar accounted for two-thirds of Victoria’s power demand.

City To Surf Solar explains that the solar space is rapidly evolving, and the firm’s goal is to ensure that both commercial and residential clients are maximizing the latest financial incentives. In addition, the company states that higher quality systems can provide you with additional savings in the long-term, which is why the company now uses and recommends Sunpower panels wherever possible.

“You may be surprised when you look beyond your power bill and realise how much your use of energy is actually costing you,” a company representative explained. “We supply homes, businesses and industry with renewable energy solutions that solve real problems, deliver financial savings, and reduce your carbon footprint.”

About City To Surf Solar

Operating in Gelong, Melbourne, Mildura, the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and the Sunshine Coast, City To Surf Solar offers residential, commercial, and industrial solar solutions for both small and large requirements. The firm is also staying abreast of the latest developments, including hydrogen batteries, microgrids, and virtual power plants.

“We’re really happy with City To Surf Solar,” the General Manager of The Taylor Group recently stated. “Everything was managed for us, from system design to installation, and the team looked after all the government rebates. If I decide to install solar at another one of our locations, the City to Surf Solar team will be my first call.”

Joining the solar revolution has never been more affordable. Contact the experts at City To Surf Solar to discuss your options today.

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