Medicare Enrollment For Age 65: Non-Profit Helps With IRMMA & Medicare Advantage

May 29, 2024

If you’ve recently retired and need healthcare assistance, but don’t want to weave your way through the maze of parts all by yourself, Social Work Advocates (214-494-0478) is here for you! They’re a non-profit dedicated to providing seniors with the best Medicare enrollment guidance.

If you’re retired and on a fixed income, coverage gaps in your healthcare insurance and out-of-pocket costs can seem scary. Or restricted provider networks might be a problem. Not to mention that Medicare regulations and policies are changing all the time.

If you need some guidance to find the right plan for you, Social Work Advocates can get you there. They can assist you with a range of Medicare enrollment issues, including authorizations, appeals, grievances, and insurance claims - take a look here:

Get the Dignified Retirement You Deserve

Social Work Advocates (SWA) helps seniors like you age gracefully by providing you with advocacy and support so you can take the best care of yourself in your post-work years. They'll work with you to evaluate your healthcare needs and to provide you with educational resources about the care and services available to you.

The Go-Between You Need

SWA will also work with your family to guide them through the decision-making process to ensure you get dignified, respectful, quality care. Even if your family is miles away, SWA will act as a liaison to facilitate communication and to explain complex or difficult topics.

Don't Let Medicare's Complexity Overwhelm You

One of the biggest challenges you may face in navigating Medicare is its infamous complexity, with its multiple parts, differing enrollment periods, and various coverage options. This may make it difficult to understand the differences between Medicare plans and to assess which would be best for your needs.

SWA members will assist you throughout the process of Medicare enrollment, from gaining a rudimentary grasp of the different plans, to making referrals to financial, legal, medical, and other professionals and arranging medical appointments and transportation.

Avoid Surprise High Premiums

Ever heard about the Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA) surcharge? If not, you'll definitely want to learn about it before enrolling in Medicare - otherwise, you may have to pay an unexpectedly high premium. SWA can educate you about the criteria used to determine whether you'll have to pay it.

Take Advantage of the Medicare Advantage Plan

It can be difficult to learn about and choose a Medicare Advantage plan, since they come in various forms, each with its own provider network, coverage options, and costs. SWA can act as your personal navigator through these complexities to give you clear, accessible information about the Medicare Advantage plan.

Here's what an organization spokesperson wants you to know about what SWA has in store for you:

“Social Work Advocates is committed to helping assess the health, social, and care needs of older adults, and to helping the people they work with understand what care and services are available to meet those needs. We act as a personalized resource and guide for individuals and/or family members who want to ensure adequate information from an unbiased source.”

Go Gently into Your Golden Years

Find the right Medicare plan for your needs with Social Work Advocates! Go gently into your post-work golden years with dignity and grace - after all, you've worked for it, and you've earned it!

Learn more and sign up for a free consultation at

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