Medicare Enrollees Use This Prescription Drug Discount Card For Cheaper Meds

Oct 19, 2023

Prescription drug costs are a burden for many, with some people even skipping out on medications they can’t afford. CareCard helps you avoid these issues by ensuring Medicare enrollees receive the lowest possible price for their meds.

The skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs continue to be a financial and even emotional stressor for Americans, especially seniors. There is a solution, however - CareCard reduces costs (and stress!) by helping Medicare enrollees get the lowest possible price for their prescriptions. All you have to do is put your zip code into the easy-to-navigate app to find which of your local pharmacies has the cheapest price on the medications you need.

Feeling overwhelmed by high prescription drug prices? The CareCard prescription discount card can help you save up to 85% on your medication’s out-of-pocket costs. Sign up for free today and start saving!

CareCard can be used by people with or without insurance or Medicare, meaning there are no insurance-based exclusions for using the card. Often, people find that the price of a prescription obtained through CareCard is lower than the cost through Medicare. It's worth noting that you can't use CareCard in conjunction with Medicare or other health insurance. Also, the purchases you make with CareCard don't contribute to your deductibles.  

According to Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute, Americans aged 65 to 79 pay over 250% more annually for out-of-pocket prescription drug costs than the average adult. CareCard allows Medicare enrollees to lessen the financial burden of rising medication costs.

The CareCard prescription drug card is intended to be simple to use for Medicare’s 65-year-old and over population — you can take advantage of the discounts and coupons available the same way you would at any grocery store. Your pharmacist will apply the discount immediately so that you receive your savings at the time of purchase. Tech-savvy seniors can also use the CareCard mobile app for greater convenience. The CareCard app is available for both Apple and Android phones.

The donut hole is a gap in prescription drug coverage that some people experience after reaching their spending limit. It can be a stressful time for people who rely on medication, but CareCard can be used to save money on prescriptions, even during the donut hole period. 

CareCard can be used for entire families, including pet medications.

About CareCard

CareCard’s founder was inspired to create the company after being personally frustrated with the fluctuating and high costs of prescription drugs. Across America, over 60,000 pharmacies accept CareCard, with the company negotiating directly with each pharmacy to obtain low prices for its members.

A person who recently used the CareCard app at their local CVS said, “My prescription was $57 before using CareCard and was $27 after using it. New favorite app. Going to use it every time I pick up my prescription.”

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