Medical Clinics In Australia Can Automate Admin Tasks With Management Software

Nov 9, 2021

Power Diary is bringing its practice management software (PMS) to Australia. The system automates administrative tasks and provides detailed reports to help business owners run their offices more efficiently.

If you own your own healthcare or medical clinic, you know that patient care is a top priority. At the same time, you need to ensure all administrative tasks are being handled so that patient records are up-to-date, appointments are booked, and billing and other matters are being managed. When you implement Power Diary’s Practice Management System, all of this takes care of itself.

Power Diary is a practice management software (PMS) system designed to help healthcare and medical clinic owners in Australia run their offices more smoothly and efficiently. The product automates day-to-day administrative tasks, keeping your clinical notes, appointment calendars, patient notes and correspondence, test results, appointment reminders and financial reporting together in one streamlined, easily accessible location. Recent updates to the system’s features make it a convenient and cutting-edge alternative to time-consuming, paper-based processes so you can focus on what matters.

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Practice management is a term used for the automated management of your clinic’s administrative tasks and operational aspects. Some larger offices employ a practice manager to handle all those functions but for most clinics and offices these activities are carried out by an administrative assistant, receptionist, or the practice owner.

A recent update in Power Diary’s practice management system gives you and your staff the opportunity to spend less time on those tasks and more time helping patients. You can also use the data provided by Power Diary to gain insights into your business performances and determine where there’s potential for growth or improvements.

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Studies show scheduling, treatment plans, billing, and insurance coding are some of the most time-consuming activities when performed manually. The implementation of a practice management system automates these and other activities so that your operations run smoothly and efficiently. Everything is centralized, easy to use and easy to access.

The system’s appointment reminder feature significantly reduces no-shows. Your staff can use a combination of SMS and email messages to confirm bookings and quickly fill vacant appointments when necessary.

Other features include telehealth video call functionality, online client intake forms, payment processing, online bookings, client waitlisting, and integration with other key systems you might be using, such as Mailchimp, Google Calendar, medicare, and more.

By securely storing all your office’s patient information and other data in the cloud, the system lets you access anything you’re after remotely, while ensuring no records will ever be lost. The software is continually being updated so you can enjoy cutting-edge technologies that will keep your office running efficiently.

With the latest addition of innovative software functionality, Power Diary Australia lets you easily monitor your business’s efficiencies, optimize your bookings, and ensure all other administrative tasks are automatically taken care of, giving you more time to spend with your patients.

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