McKinney EEG Neurodiagnostic Tests At Home: More Affordable & Rapid Results

May 15, 2024

If you need an EEG test in the wider McKiney region, NeuLine Health (844-212-5321) offers ambulatory services in the comfort of your own home, which are much more affordable and convenient.

More Accurate & Faster Results

Having an EEG test in an artificial environment can affect the way you feel and behave, which also has a direct impact on test outcomes. By conducting EEG testing in your own home, NeuLine Health is helping to provide faster and more accurate results.

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Testing is available six days per week, with both English and Spanish-speaking assistants available to help with your booking. The company is also an accredited organization under The Joint Commission, giving you a guarantee of quality services.

NeuLine Health explains that traditional EEG tests are often carried out in an inpatient setting, which can be a large part of the cost. The firm’s in-home testing can reduce the expense by up to three times, making neurodiagnostic care more accessible for those who need it.

“NeuLine is dedicated to serving qualified healthcare providers and their patients with best-in-class neurodiagnostic testing,” a company representative explained. “The testing can take place in both home and medical office settings, and we now offer an average 5-day turnaround from an EEG study being ordered to a scheduled test being conducted.”

What Are EEG Tests Used For?

Electroencephalogram (EEG) testing is used to measure electrical activity in the brain, and may be required in association with several conditions, such as epilepsy, a suspected brain injury, or sleep disorders.

With the latest ambulatory services, NeuLine aims to improve the preventative care potential of EEG testing by making it more affordable and accessible. The firm states that it now carries out more than 130 in-home studies each month, which is a significant step towards achieving those goals.

About NeuLine Health

Established eight years ago, NeuLine Health now employs 25 ABRET-registered EEG field technicians, who all have significant experience working in level-4 epilepsy monitoring units. The firm continues to develop its ambulatory service, with the proprietary NeuLine X continuous monitoring solution being one of the latest innovations.

“I had an in-home EEG done with NeuLine, and the technician was awesome,” one client recently stated. “She was a very efficient and caring person who truly loves what she does. I highly recommend this company.”

For affordable, convenient, and more accurate EEG testing conducted in the comfort of your own home, contact the team at NeuLine Health.

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