McAlester Best Termite Damage Control, Treatment Techniques From Top Experts

May 16, 2023

Worried about termite damage to your McAlester home or commercial property? The friendly folks at Mike’s Pest Control (1-918-423-2458) have the latest insecticide treatments and technology to help keep those pesky bugs at bay!

Most people agree that termites are simply disgusting, right up there alongside roaches in terms of the "ew" factor. But termites aren't just gross; they're also incredibly destructive to property.

Thankfully, Mike's Pest Control can help keep termites out of your home.

With the latest technology in pest-control treatments and close attention to safety protocols, trained technicians are available to offer advanced protection against termites and other pests.

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The company uses powerful termiticides like Termidor HE Copack to take the war against termites to a new level. Termidor HE Copack is applied to the soil around your home or business. In creating an enhanced zone of soil-based protection, the insecticide offers state-of-the-art technology at a molecular level, with improved absorption of its active ingredient.

Studies show that termites cause damage to around 600,000 homes in the United States each year. Across the country, Americans spend around $5 billion annually to repair termite damage and protect against future pest invasions. With Termidor HE Copack and other termite management strategies, Mike’s Pest Control helps you ensure your home is protected.

The advanced termiticide technology of Termidor HE Copack bonds to soil around your property, ensuring that the active ingredient stays in place and remains effective over time. In addition to Termidor HE Copack for termite management, Mike’s Pest Control offers other pest control services for your home or yard, including regular monthly treatments for fleas, roaches, spiders, scorpions, mice, ants, and other common pests.

Alongside a range of pest control options to suit your individual circumstances, the company also provides customized weed control services. These include scheduled seasonal treatments for your lawn or garden, enhanced season-based applications, and personalized recommendations.

All services come with a satisfaction guarantee, and you can get an estimate free of charge. Discounts are available for senior citizens. A company representative says, “Mike’s Pest Control is dedicated to providing high-quality services and professional solutions to all its clients.”

The expert technicians at Mike’s Pest Control have been providing full-service pest control and weed control options for the McAlester area for over two decades, since 1999. The company prioritizes fast and efficient treatment alongside safety.

You can find out more at - don't let termites do their dirty work on your home!

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