Maya Mendoza, Founder of Purple Pico Promotions, a reputation management company in Glasgow Lanarkshire, Reveals The Results of New Reputation Management Case Study

Jul 20, 2017

Maya Mendoza, founder of Purple Pico Promotions, Glasgow, revealed a new case study today. This case study demonstrates how reputation management is instrumental in the removal of defamatory information in search, and how reputation management can restore a positive footprint for individuals and companies online.

Maya Mendoza, founder of Purple Pico Promotions, a digital marketing company in Glasgow, Lancashire revealed a new case study today on Reputation Management. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of online reputation management in the removal of negative information online, and how reputation management can create a positive impression for, and improve the footprint of both individuals and companies in the search engines.

The case study is available at

People seeking information about a subject turn to search engines. They are the gateway to the internet. If the listings on the first page or two of search results contain false, negative and damaging items about a subject, this is where the public will most likely to come across them.

Looking at how most people use the web it is easy to see that search engines are the internet. If something is not indexed by Google or Bing, or it isn’t searchable and prominent within the search engines, from a practical perspective it might as well not exist.

Having bad news on the first page of Google search results is like having bad news on the front page of the newspaper. The difference between print newspapers and online news is that where printed new stories change every day, online search queries continue to show up on line for several years. Search results will not change unless action is taken.

Maya Mendoza, a digital marketing consultant and Founder of Purple Pico Promotions Ltd says, ” Search engines are the starting point for research into people, places and products. It is where reputations are made or broken”. She continues, “These days, having no reputation or an outdated reputation on line can be as damaging to a business as a negative reputation”.

Effective online reputation management requires a series of methods implemented by experienced Search Engineers professionally trained in proprietary technology and industry best practice.Where content is libellous, defamatory or incorrect, being able to remove or suppress results directly from the main search engines largely severs the connection between the public and the content. In terms of completeness and speed, where the search engines will not take action to remove defamatory content themselves, this option has been seen to be the best path for obtaining relief for many victims.

The case study illustrates such a situation and the outcomes in detail and shows how Mendoza developed a counter negative reputation, and high visibility strategy that assisted the client to take more control of the content that appeared on the first page of Google and Bing when the company name was searched. More information can be seen at the URL above.

About Maya Mendoza

Maya Mendoza is the founder of Purple Pico Promotions Ltd. The company was founded in 2016 as a sister company to Milagro Fusion Marketing, and serves the Digital Marketing industry. It is well known for Local Reputation Management and Lead Generation. Maya is best know amongst internet marketing peers for being voted Best Marketing Consultant Glasgow in 2013

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