Maximise Lead Generation In East Anglia With Google Local Services Ads

May 31, 2024

Do you want to increase visibility for your estate agent business in East Anglia? AI Cerebral Marketing (+44-7855-798747) offers a fully managed Google Local Services Ads package to help you reach more clients!

You've tried PPC, but it's too expensive. You've dabbled in SEO, but it's too fiddly. What's a local estate agent to do in order to reach more buyers and sellers without breaking the bank? Google Local Services Ads are the ideal solution – and with AI Cerebral Marketing, all the work is done for you!

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Only pay for REAL leads

One of the main advantages that Local Services Ads offer over PPC campaigns is that you only pay for qualified calls - rather than for every click, regardless of quality. As part of the service, AI Cerebral Marketing will listen to these calls and dispute any that aren't relevant, which can save an average of 15%.

The service offers an opportunity to connect with prospective buyers and sellers actively searching for property services within your local area. The ads highlight your proximity, ratings, and experience, enabling you to establish credibility and trust from the initial search impression.

Get more clicks

According to research by WebFX, when LSAs appear in search results, they receive nearly 14% of all clicks from users - a significant engagement rate that highlights the opportunity they present if you want to ensure your promotions reach the right audience.

The platform allows for granular targeting, ensuring ads only appear when and where desired. You can define specific geographic areas, service categories, and even particular neighbourhoods to focus your ad delivery.

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See what you'll pay before you commit

Before launching a campaign, you are provided with an estimate of the average cost-per-lead you can anticipate, allowing for informed budget planning and effective forecasting from the outset.

AI Cerebral Marketing's LSA solution includes campaign management, review monitoring, and local ranking optimisation, backed by detailed monthly analytical reports.

A spokesperson states: "Stop wasting money on PPC - if you qualify for local service ads, you can get calls from qualified potential clients, and only pay when you talk with the lead, and only if they qualify. Sounds unreal? It's very real and you should start doing it ASAP."

Local Services Ads are the perfect way to get more eyes on your listings – or to advertise your services as a seller!

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